How much time were you given today?

How much time were you given today?

24 hours?

1440 minutes?

Hey, me too!

Did you make the most of them?

Did you look back at the end of the day and say “I used my 1440 minutes like a champ!”?

I was thinking today during my second shower (yes, I said it.  My 2nd shower, hey  I went to the gym and I really needed it!) anyway, I was thinking did I get the most of my day?  Is there anything I would have done different or is there anything else I want to do before my day is done?

I could proudly say, “No!”  My day was filled and now the only thing on my list for the evening is to relax a little.

I feel like we should take a look at our day more often.  We should really try to fill it with things and people we love because really life is short.  I know you hear this a lot but it does go fast.

Take a look at what you do most often which is more than likely work – do you like it?  If not can you change it?  If you do, that’s awesome, I love my work too.

Take a look at what you do for yourself during your day.  If the answer is nothing, change it, you are worth so much more and you really should show yourself that you appreciate yourself.  If you answered, I do something for myself daily, congrats you are probably very well balanced if you want you can stop reading but come back soon.

What are you plans for your time tomorrow?  Are you going to add anything new to make the most of it?  Give it a try.  What can it hurt?  You can always go back to the old routine if it doesn’t work but here is hoping it does so you can make the most of the time you are given each day.


selfcare3What do you think about when I say self-care?  To me, self-care is doing something selfish to nurture yourself so you are more able to deal with the stressors of life/people in a healthy way.  And guess what?  I fully believe that we all need to be selfish.  We really need to spend time taking care of ourselves even when we feel like we shouldn’t.

What ways do you take care of yourself?  I have found this differs for many people but in the end it comes down to what makes us feel good which could be getting a haircut, spending time shopping, taking a long bath or even just reading a book.  I was told today by a fellow clinician that I have the best self-care they have ever seen, I found it very interesting and it made me think. KONICA MINOLTA DIGITAL CAMERA

Why is mine any different than others and really what is it?  So I started thinking about my day.  Starting with my work because in my field it is very easy to forget about yourself and work very long hours because the need is so great.  I have learned that I am not a good clinician if I work to many hours in a week.  I find that I don’t think as clear and I am not present for my clients.  So I limit the amount of hours I work (usually around 37-40) and I only have one long day during the week as well as being done working with clients by 1pm on Friday’s (I kind of feel sorry for my last client on Friday because sometimes I’m so tired by that point that I feel like they don’t get all my attention.)   I structure my day with the same routine during the week which is breakfast, devotional and daily gratitude list making me list at least 3 things I’m grateful for each day without repeating anything during the week (give it a try because it really makes you look at all the small things and be grateful).  Even when I’m not training for a marathon, I try to spend at least 5-6 days at the gym or doing some type of physical exercise a week because I really am a better person to be around if I’m doing this.  I have learned to take the positive approach to things even when the most negative things happen.  (This may not seem like self-care but if a negative thought is taking over your mind than you tend to stress and beat yourself up about things that are out of your control)  And finally I have found that adding a massage to my life once a month not only helps the stress release but the sore muscles from all that running and cross training.

Now that I spell it all out, I do have pretty good self-care.  Also, I’m pretty selfish.  But you know what, I don’t hear any complaints from my family, friends and coworkers/clients.  I really believe being selfish is a good thing.  Are you selfish?  Why not?  I will allow you to label it “Self-Care”!  :-)


I’ve lost my mind

IMG_0824Well, it’s official, I believe I have totally lost my mind.  The good news is that I have a license and can officially diagnosis myself with this.  Bad news is… I think it might actually be true.  Here is why, tonight when I went to leave work I noticed it was snowing and my heart skipped a beat (it’s okay nothing wrong there) and was excited that it was snowing.  Now tell me why someone who has seen almost 7 feet of snow in the last 20 days is excited that we are getting more snow still gets excited when it snows?!  Well all I can think is that it is beautiful.  Have you ever watched it snow?  It is so pretty and comes down so lightly.  It’s also so quiet.  Have you ever stood outside and just been a part of the snow.  It is like the snow muffles everything and it is so peaceful (well, except for the sound of plows going by).  Finally I find the snow causes us to slow down.  When driving or walking you want to slow down a little bit because things become slick and I don’t know about you but I am not a fan of sliding around anywhere especially without skates.

So the verdict is in… I have lost my mind.  But the good news is, that it is very peaceful with no thoughts going through my head at all.

Our huge snow mound and this is after we have had some carried away after the first big storm.

Our huge snow mound and this is after we have had some carried away after the first big storm.


Feeling off and Let down

So for the past few weeks including this week I have only worked 4 days.  I’m not bragging.  On the contrary, I find that it makes me feel a little off.  When I look at the calendar, in fact, I have not worked a full week since early December.  Some of those days I took off due to the holidays but some of those days have been due to the abundant amount of snow we have had in New England.  In fact if you are looking for your snow, I think we have it.  Since the beginning of February we have only had 5 days without snow and I think they were saying that we have over 7 feet of snow since late January.  I love snow but I think I’m done, really I think I am feeling a little off.

I like to have a schedule and I find I work better if I know what is going to happen in my week so these snow days, while I appreciate the time off with my family, I need to get back some normalcy or I think I’m gonna have to talk to my boss about working only 4 day work weeks (not really sure this will fly!).

So that is my feeling off, now on to my feeling let down…

Due to all this snow, I just found out that my half marathon scheduled for this weekend has been canceled and I also won’t be able to get my new jacket that I earned by completing the trilogy of half’s last year (which you could only get by coming to the race and picking it up also, as of right now they are not sure when they will be giving those out).  I get it, I understand that it will not be safe and shockingly they are predicting more snow for this weekend.  I was hopeful that I would finally get to go outside and run because I have been stuck on the treadmill since January.  With all this snow, I might be able to go outside safely in about April.  Now I don’t want this to come across as an all whiny post, in fact, while writing this I was hoping to inject some motivational, inspirational stuff, so here goes…

My training for my marathon is going great.  I have done all my runs on the treadmill and this includes my long weekend runs of 18 or 20 miles on any given weekend.  I’m feeling really strong and hopeful that this marathon in April will go well.

A little shoveling can be used as cross training right… well if so my cross training is going fabulous.  Plus when I am trapped inside, I have found some things I can do to spice up my ab routines and strength training even with my light weights of 5lbs and 10lbs.

Sorry I have been away so long, you would think with the days off I would keep my blog updated but sometimes when you “feel off” it’s pretty hard to think of things to talk about.  So like any good therapist would say, “It’s time to push through this and get back some normalcy” and this is what I intend to do.

Have you ever felt off?  What has gotten you back on?

Ever had a race canceled?  What did you do?

A little snow from about two storms ago.  Just add about another foot to this picture.

A little snow from about two storms ago. Just add about another foot to this picture.



The escape trail from the back of our place.

Most recent treadmill run with the snow on the way home.

Most recent treadmill run with the snow on the way home.


The End is Here 31/31

Okay that was a little grave… what I meant is that the end is here to Janathon 2015.  Today was it, it’s done, it’s over, another January comes to an end.  I’ve done it.  I’ve blogged every day about my training journey and you have read it whether you have wanted to or not (I’m not sure why but I’m thinking maybe you were thinking I was gonna say something inspirational or motivating to you and I hope I did).

Anyway, today my body screamed for a rest day.  Now that is not a very exciting way to end the month of January with a rest day but that is was I did.  This week has been filled with some sort of exercise each day so I listened and rested.  Then I spent the evening laughing and engaging in wonderful conversation with my family (Dave’s side).  We had dinner and then went to see The Mentalist – Jon Stetson for a local charity.  I would consider this a good ab workout.  Also I would also consider it a win because sometimes we need to really listen to our bodies when they are screaming for a rest (cause who listens when our body just hints at needing a rest).

So Janathon update is slim – Rest!

Thanks for reading along and I hope your month of January was successful.  Overall I completed 105.5 miles of runs and cross trained at least 2 days a week.  I would say it was a good month.  Thanks for hanging in there with me.


Almost done! 30/31

Almost done with Janathon and I’m doing my Janathon dance, how about you?  (This can count as exercise too, right?!)

Today is short and sweet:

Worked, went to the gym and now going to dinner with friends.

I love Fridays!!!

I hope you have a great weekend!

Janathon Update: 11.36 mile level 9 bike ride, random hills in 30 mins, core work with the ball and then stretching.

Pace run 29/31

As we approach the end of Janathon I am reminded that we have had to pace ourselves in order to make it to this point.  Fortunately today was a pace run to help remind me of how much I needed Janathon to get me started and keep me going through the month of January at a good pace.

So for today I headed to the gym again because that is what I do when we have so much snow on the road I can barely see over the snow embankments at intersections in my SUV.  Today’s run was a 6 mile run but considered a pace run because in the middle I had to keep the same pace for 3 miles and then drop off for the last mile and cool down.  It was a pretty good run.  Felt hard to get started but once I was warmed up, I became focused on getting it done (kinda like Janathon ;-))

Hope your month has gone well and you are probably as glad as I am to be almost done!

Janathon update:

6 mile run: 2 miles easy, 2 miles at 8:20 pace, 1 mile at 8:00 pace, 1 mile at 8:30 pace

Stretching and lots of fluids!