And now playing…….

I once thought… what a great idea start a blog.  You talk about all of the wonderful insight you have learned over the years as well as how running has helped you coped (I always talk to myself in the third person).  But then when I sit down to start this thing they call a blog, I freeze.  I think, what the heck are you thinking.  Helping Clients face to face is one thing but trying to share insight through a computer screen is something else.

So I’m gonna give it a try.

Maybe I should take notes during my day to chat about the crazy things that happen in residential care and how I run away, far far away at night when I get home, to relieve the stress of the day.  Oh crap taking notes to write a blog sounds like a lot of work.  Maybe I will bullet point my thoughts since full note taking is not an option because imagine working in an office with at least 8 people and serving the needs to 32 residents.  As you can imagine it is crazy.

Okay, I am getting an idea of how this is gonna go already….. just rambling and hopefully catching myself so I don’t bore anyone who decides to read this.

Anyway, I am a new mental health graduate (as of May 17, 2012 – Yeah Me!) and that does not mean I earned a degree in craziness but sometimes it feels like it.  It basically means I like to help people fix their problems or at least tap into their inner strength so they realize they already have everything they need to survive.  Currently I work in the field of substance abuse treatment and co-occurring disorders like bipolar and alcohol addiction (insert visual of Sandra Bullock in 28 days except my company is funded by the department of public health so our facilities are not so posh).  But everyday I grow with my Clients.  I learn from them and their honesty and they learn from me coping skills, empathy, and how to trust and I am sure a lot more stuff too.

So why the running part of the title?  I started running midway through my schooling.  I have always liked to stay in shape but this was a new adventure for me.  I started training for a 5K and was surprised at how stress relieving it was to run.  Then I decided, “Hey self, what about a 10K?”  Thinking what the heck I jumped in.  Ran my first 10K and became hooked.  Right before I turned the big 4-0, I ran a half-marathon.  This was an awesome experience.  I cried at the end and everyone was asking if I was okay and all I could say was, “I just ran that!”  It was one of the best experiences of my life mainly because I set a goal and accomplished it.  Half marathon completed in under 2 hours.  So now I am really hooked.  I want to race/run and I want to do it faster.  I want to compete and not just complete.  But really in the end what I want is the feeling of accomplishment which I think that is what we all want.  To feel like we have accomplished something.

So now that this has run on and on (kinda like what I do on a daily basis) here are my hopes for this blog….I want to use this to help.  I want to be a demonstration of what it takes to survive, how I cope, how to face events head on, and any other therapist type things where we learn from each other.  I also want to motivate.  I spend my days motivating my clients with positive words and sometimes I lose sight of those positive thoughts for myself.  I am hoping by blogging I can learn, be motivated and help.

So here goes…..

I look forward to hearing from anyone and love to hear your stories too.

Get ready, get set, GO!!!

Shanna (like banana)