Some time for the running part

So I chatted a lot about the therapy side but let’s talk a little about the running…

I am currently thinking/comptemplating/disagreeing with myself about training for a marathon.  I started running a few years ago like I said earlier in my first post.  I was happy to make it the 5K distance that I was training for.  Now my casual runs are at least 5K’s.  This is not to brag it’s just that I need to start thinking about do I really want to run a marathon because not only does it scare me but I have one in mind and I need to start training, seriously training.  My biggest problem is that I don’t just want to run, I want to compete.  I think we can all agree, I have a problem!  But I think it comes from the fact that I am an overachiever (self-admitted) and that I want to be successful at everything (mental note: being successful at everything is not possible) yet I still try.  So here comes my moment to brag…please let me because I only ever do this on facebook and it is usually about my family and not about me… so here goes:

In my first ever 5K race, I came in second (no time because it was not officially timed but I think it was around 28 mins)

My first ever 10K race, I finished in 52:57, 42nd out of 175 in age group, and 73rd out of 314 women who ran.  Pretty good results!  I was/am proud.

Two weeks later ran a 5K, I came in third with a time of 23:51.

In April 2012 the Oklahoma City Half-Marathon, I finished in 1:58:59, 60th out of 799 in my age group, and 366 out of 4994 women who ran.

Latest run… 4miler… came in 3rd out of 80 in age group and 78 out of 501 who ran the race, finished in 30:03

As you can see, I don’t want to win (okay maybe I do but that’s crazy talk) but I do want to train and compete.

Now back to the dilemma, to run in a full marathon?  I think I can… I think I want to… I am crazy!  Shall we add in a little therapy here… Why I run?  To escape, well not really because I found that as soon as I step off that treadmill or arrive back home after running, all the issues are still there.  To wrap my head around my day, well most of the time but sometimes things can not be explained and unfortunately these issues can also get in my head and create the worst run, EVER!  To stay in shape, most definitely!   To push myself, most definitely! To prove that I can do it and it is a great release, most definitely!  So we have established that I am crazy and like to push myself.  Nothing says therapy like getting out of your comfort zone and changing!

So as of right now, I still don’t have an answer, but I continue to train.  I continue to put sprints in my runs to get faster which I am hoping will prove itself in my upcoming 10K because quite frankly, these sprints are killing me!  I am hoping to better my 10K time since it will be the same race, obviously a year later, but we will cross that bridge next month.  Now my training schedule or what it was this week because I am trying to regain focus:

Mon: 4 mile run – 32:51

Tues: weights, core exercises, and weighted lunges (oh how I hate lunges!)

Wed: Rest – could barely walk because of the lunges!  Did I tell you how much I hate them!

Thurs: 3 mile run – 25.21  Followed by some planks and lots of stretching.

Fri: 5 mile run – 42:39  Followed also by some planks and lots and lots of stretching

Hopefully Sat: short run about 3-5 miles and some weight training

Sun: Rest!

Not a bad week so far and happy to report that I am winning over the dreaded weighted lunges of tuesday and I am able to walk a little better!

On a side note… I am still experimenting with this blog but I am thinking some pictures and different format might make it more interesting, so stay tuned for some changes and I hope you had an awesome day!

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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