New Shoes

I remember when I use to tell Dave, “Hey I’m going to get some running shoes at Kohl’s, see ya later!”  Well those days are gone.  I went through a period where I was having major pain in my Achilles right after I transitioned to some new shoes and I thought I had done something during my run.  I rested, I iced, I lowered my miles, only to be told, “Hey you, it might be your shoe!”

Who would think that running shoes were that different that this could happen?  Well apparently everyone but me.

My daughter has been in dance since she was three (now almost 18, insert emotional crazy mom because she is losing her baby in a year to college) and I have always taken her to a dance store to get fitted for shoes but never thought you needed to go to a running store for shoes.  But my world has changed.  It does make a huge difference!

And today I returned to my favorite running store (PR Running in Westborough, MA check them out here: ) to get my third pair of fitted running shoes.  You know where they put them on your feet and then you go outside and you run around while the wonderful sales people/experts watch you.  Then you come back in and try on others until you find the right match.  For me this time it was easier, first pair on was the only pair I tried and they were perfect.  Now I don’t understand all the technology behind all the heal drop, less cushion, etc. but I do understand, put them on your feet, run, if they feel good, buy them!

Today I took Dave to get new shoes too.  He has been having issues with his heal and he is trying to run more often.  He’s funny because he is like me when I started.  Put shoes on, run around, they feel okay, I guess they will work.  I quizzed him about all the different aspects and he kept saying they are fine, unlike me where it took at least 5 different pairs the first time, I guess he is that easy (and that is why he is with me!).

Here is the part that I have a hard time with, how do you know when it is time to change shoes?  Well I could say you just know which I am figuring out is true.  But if you are new to running this is not true.  On average they say running shoes last 3 or 4 months or 300 to 500 miles (I tend to try for five months because I like to get the most for my money).  So here is also how you know: weird pains in your ankles, feet, legs that just start appearing after a normal work out or even during it.  No longer comfortable in your shoes or even the wear and tear on the bottom but here is the picture of my newly retired, now just wearing as comfortable shoes.  They look just fine, well except for the black stuff that I could have cleaned off but I wanted to show you that I wear them!  No real wear and tear but let me tell you these shoes ran the half-marathon and the recent 4 miler and the training in between so they have earned their retirement.

Now here are my new shoes.  I guess you can say I am loyal to one brand, Saucony.  Not sure why but all of my shoes are this brand.  Tried on others but always come back.  Maybe they need a new spokesperson for the 40 and older crowd (mental note: call Saucony and check on their advertising campaigns!).

Before you stop reading let’s talk about the two greatest things since sliced bread…(old saying in my house)… socks and the stick in this picture. 

My socks of choice are Thorlos but I am also trying out a new brand this time (not pictured) named swiftwick which came recommended but I am skeptical mainly because the sales person described them as having wool in them and it didn’t sound too delightful rather scratchy actually.  I’ll let you know because I am sure you will be curious.;-)  But now back to the other item I just mentioned, the Stick!!!  All I can say is that I have been wanting one since I started working out.  It’s like a massage on a stick, hey wait, that is exactly what it is, a massage stick.  I know Dave will be glad that we shelled out the cash for it because most of my nights, especially after my long runs end like this, “Dave will you please rub my legs!”  And he does but I am sure he will be happy to relieved of his duties.  And the other good part is that you can use it for all your muscles including your back.  No I am not getting paid to endorse the stick but I highly recommend it.  (Maybe I should call the makers of the stick and see if THEY need a spokesperson for the 40 and older crowd!)

Anyway, that’s my rant/blog for today.  The therapist side of me says, keep running and the running side of me says, invest in good materials to make it easier and to take care of your body.  Have an awesome day!

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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