Ice Cream Therapy

As some of you might know, I visit ice cream stands during this time of year almost on a nightly basis.  (That is the real reason I run.  So I can eat Desserts!!!).  I was thinking recently (with the help of my significant other, Dave, who is often my date to local ice cream stands) ice cream really has a therapeutic quality to it.  Here goes my attempt to at least connect that without the use of science because I am not really into that!

  • Ice cream is therapeutic if you’re hot because it cools your core body temperature.
  • Ice cream helps a sore throat when you are sick.
  • Just the act of eating ice cream, especially on a cone, has to be done slowly as to avoid the dreaded cold headache and therefore slowing you down.
  • If you have low blood sugar, ice cream provides all the sugar needed (plus I am sure a lot more than needed) to raise that blood sugar.  (Please don’t use this justification if you are a diabetic!)
  • Ice cream is made of milk so you are getting your calcium.
  • Ice cream brings a family together because all I have to say is “Ice cream” and everyone is happy and ready to go!
  • Buying ice cream at your local ice cream stand supports your community and therefore makes you feel good for helping others!
  • Ice cream is a great end to a long day or a wonderful beginning if you chose to eat it for breakfast which sometimes sounds like a great idea.

See ice cream is therapeutic!  Now you can go eat ice cream at your local ice cream stand and think about all the therapy you are getting with just one lick!  Enjoy!

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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