Wild, Wacky Wednesday

Can’t say I am ready to have a complete blog day dedicated to wild and wacky Wednesday’s but I am starting to believe that this day of the week is a day where I can never guess what is going to happen.

Let’s start with the events of this morning…Woke up with the worst headache, you know the ones you want to cry but you know that if you cry it will only hurt worse.  So I got ready for work and then took some sinus stuff hoping the headache would at least go away before I had to sit across the table from my first client and try and be insightful.

Then found out, upon entering my car that someone had been in my car and it wasn’t Goldilocks!  Well, it might have been but she would have a raspy voice because she left cigarette ashes in my car (which as a person who is highly allergic to cigarettes was thinking “what a wonderful stressor for her already painful headache”.  She/he did however make off with about $5 in change.  Then made her way over to my partner in crimes car and took all his change but the nickels.  Kind of wondering what nickels ever did to her or was she just trying to make a point that quarters and dimes are more important.  (If you are a friend to nickels, don’t let them know this because I think they are useful in many situations!)  Anyway I am sure whoever took the money needed it more than me but please know that after 4 years of living in the same place and never locking my car, I have now decided that “trusting me” has now disappeared.  Roxie the Rav 4 will be locked!

Why would all this complaining be “wild or wacky”?  Well, I am not normally a complainer and I really hope this did not come across as that.  It is more for me a wild, wacky, and unusual way to start my day.

Also, I learned something about myself (which this is probably why I do what I do) that this event made me upset and somewhat violated but I was able to reframe the event and my thoughts.  Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t happy that someone decided to take something that was not theirs and they were in my car which is really just about 5 feet from my front door so that was a little scary.  But I was more upbeat about the situation than I ever thought I would be.  Some examples of thoughts that ran through my head… they needed it more than me, how sad is it that someone has to steal from others in order to pay for things for themselves, wonder what kind of background they have that they think this is right to do to others, and I hope I never have to be their situation.  These are all simple thoughts that we may not ever give a chance to develop because we decide that getting mad and upset is the answer.  But for me, if I would have been upset, it would have affected me all day.  I would have let whoever got into my car and stole change, affect everything I did for the day.  It would have taken away from my clients and they did nothing to me and are the people I need to help.  So I reframed it.  I moved on, well kind of, I blogged about it which is therapeutic too!

I hope the lesson you get from my rant is that stopping to think about things that happen to you is a good thing and letting bad events take over your day does not help you, it really only helps those who violated you continue to do so.

Oh and my headache went away a couple hours after getting to work and the day turned out pretty good!

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