Training Tuesday

My alternate title for today’s post might have read something like this “How Shanna Get’s Her Groove Back” (never actually saw that movie but I am sure it was funny!  For those that might not know what I’m talking about, there was a movie, “How Stella got her groove back” and probably explaining it was not as funny as if you just read the title at the beginning and understood).  Anyway… here goes…

I have recently been struggling with my workouts.  For some crazy reason after several years doing the run as much as I can during the week, spend a couple of days at the gym doing weights, I have felt like I hit a plateau.  Staying in shape but not really feeling like I am getting anywhere.  So I am trying something new.  This to be exact:

You might be saying what that heck is that, has Shanna lost her mind (but if you knew me, you would know that to be true all the time) or you might already know what it is.  I will try to explain it.  The strappy things  allow you to do things like this:

I’m not quite to this level but just imagine me there, in say, awhile!  Now to why this extreme?  Well the other stuff gets boring, lifting weights, jumping jacks, crunches (oh the dreaded crunch) all that stuff we do to stay in shape but don’t feel like it is making a difference.  This does some of the same stuff but does it through suspension and resistance with your own body.

So last night (on Motivational Monday) I hit the gym with my personal trainer (sounds fancy but just a really nice guy at the gym who is trained in all these weird exercises and likes to watch others be tortured, and I pay him for it!)  Anyway he has a class consisting of myself and one other nice lady who I guess wanted to be tortured too.  We worked out for only 30 minutes and I was shaking like I had done an hour with weights.  Today I woke up and my arms hurt sooooo bad but good bad, like you know that you did something good for yourself.  I really think this will push me off my plateau but not the way of me screaming to my death (you readers are so cruel), the way up towards the top of another mountain.

Also I am really starting to focus on my intensity of my miles.  A couple of Saturday’s ago I did an 8 mile run outside and at the end I thought, “What the heck am I doing!  That sucked!”  I began to think about whether I really wanted to continue to train/run.  But I kept pushing.  I ran 3 to 4 miles a day 3 to 4 times a week and made the runs more intense/pushing myself up hills a little faster, sprinting hard to the finish.  I am proud to say that it paid off.  Well in the sense that I did not give up.  And that I ran 8.10 miles this past Saturday and if felt good.  Finally!  The feeling I remember!  I think I will keep that up.  Still focusing on that goal of the 10K in a few weeks to do it in under 50 mins.

So my new training schedule will look something like this: (with an increase in miles over time)

Monday: Suspension Training

Tuesday: 4 mile run – pushing and sprints at the end

Wednesday: 4 to 5 mile run – intervals/hills

Thursday: 3 to 5 mile run


Saturday: Long Run

Sunday: Rest

Unfortunately I will have to modify it a little this week due to flying out to OKC on Saturday for a very important wedding (Hurricane Issac if you are reading this, stay away from interfering with my traveling plans!)  But I do think this is doable.  I think I am getting my Groove Back!  Now let’s get a faster groove than before!

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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