Favorite Candy

Last Thursday I asked my clients the fun question of “what animal and why”, so I thought I would ask another fun question this week.  This one did not have all the deep thoughts in it but it was fun.  Today’s question was, “What is your favorite candy and why?”

This group was only made up of about 10 clients but we had a great time.  I explained to the clients that sometimes the candy you like says a lot about you (sometimes I go out on a limb and make assumptions like this but generally it is true).  I explained that my favorite candy is m&m’s sometimes with peanuts because sometimes I feel like a nut but sometimes I don’t!   I also think that when they cut me open to do my autopsy (I am sure I will die by some mysterious means that they will need to do this or maybe they just want to study a crazy person a little closer!) anyway I am sure they will find multiple colors and realize truly how much I loved m&m’s.

Anyway back to the group…. We had a great time sharing this info and this group who earlier in the meeting stated that they are usually out of control and hard to handle, felt very connected to each other and were surprised at their similarities they had.  So much so in fact, that when one man mentioned loving a candy called “violets” someone else spoke up and reminisced about how he used to love them and it brought back wonderful times in his life when he lived in New York.  Since the rest of us had no idea about this candy, it was fun to hear all about it and be a part of their moment.

Interestingly most people liked the fruity candies like skittles and lifesavers with a few of us opting for chocolate of some sort.

I find it fascinating that asking a simple question about candy can bring a group together and put people in a very positive space.

So what is your favorite candy and why?