Kidnapped, but don’t worry it was by my family!!!

Don’t let the title shock you!  My family planned an event but they would not tell me where we were going.  The only info I had was that I had to wear shorts.  Well that’s kind of broad and it’s fall and cold so I had more questions of course.  What type of shorts?  Running, work out, jean?  Well the answer was something long.  What?  So after trying continuously to get info I had to settle on something tight fighting like biker shorts but not something airy like running shorts.  So there was my answer.  I could do that, biker shorts (the non padded kind, so I guess spandex shorts) was the answer.  Then comes the self-conscious me, “will others have spandex on”, “what exactly are we doing that I have to wear tight pants?”

So I quit asking and put on my biker shorts and we were off.  After a 40 minute drive we turned down this muddy road in the center of a nearby town and my daughter says, “Oh we are taking you out to kill you.”  To which I respond, “don’t worry I posted that I was with my family so others might come looking for me if I never returned and they know where to start!”  (Gotta love facebook, keeping your family and friends informed of your whereabouts since 2009, or at least then for me!)

I was surprised to see this sign at the end of this road:

Now this is something I had never done and really before now probably would never try due to the lack of being in shape.  But lucky for me I have been hanging from ropes for some time now (at least a month anyway).  Remember this?

Anyway, we had our 20 minute lesson and we were off.  Hanging from ropes and scaling walls like Spiderman.  Or at least that is how I felt going up.  Coming down is a little different.  You are totally relying on someone to keep from falling fast to the ground.  In this case it was Dave and he did a great job supporting me or else this post would be very different!  🙂

I wanted to post this because for me this was trust or as my sister calls me a “control freak” and I need to relax a little bit.  It’s hard to give up control.  I am usually the one planning things and I am a big fan of having a pretty good understanding of what is going to happen.  I guess that is kind of the definition of control.  Oh well.  I am learning to let go. 

Over the past years I have been learning to give up control.  Especially over things I cannot possibly ever take control of.  Really the only things I have control of are my reactions to things, my thoughts, and most of my emotions.  (Remember: crazy mom with a graduating senior who cries at the drop of a hat right now!)

I also learned something else today and that was that I really am in great shape thanks to all that running, weights, and TRX training.  Everyone was getting tired after about two hours and I still wanted to keep going.  I made them wait just a few more times for me to scale the wall and then gave into the hunger whining of the girls.  Next time we feed them before we go.  Oh wait, I didn’t know what I was doing so next time they need to take responsibility for eating if they decide to kidnap me to a place that does not have a snack bar!

Rainy Friday’s

I truly believe rainy days are made for napping.  I love to listen to the sound of the rain on the skylight, from my bed of course and usually while watching HGTV, trying to read or the aforementioned napping part.  Because really what else are you going to do on a rainy Friday that you are not working.  You go run errands (like I did earlier) and you get wet.

Here is why napping is better than running errands on a rainy day….When I walked into Target with my wet running shoes I was making the most hideous noise on the tile.  I went right for the clothing section/carpeted section and try endlessly to dry off my shoes.  But of course instead I find a good deal on shirts which was not what I came in for but hey, my shoes needed to dry off and here I am!  Then my hope is that my shoes are less squeaky so it is time to depart the clothing section and make my way around the store to find the things I came in for.  Only to find that apparently many other people tried what I tried and my shoes didn’t get dry and I still squeak!  Oh well.  After roaming around the store listening to my shoes (which apparently I am the only one who’s shoes make this noise because I feel like everyone is looking at me) I pick up my last items and check out, only to find that it is raining harder and the now what seemed like a close parking spot really looks like you are in the north forty but let’s be honest here, I’m at Target and there are no close parking spots at any of the big box stores.

After a light jog to my car and only getting a little wet I make it to my car for the short ride home.  Yep that is me who lives close to a Target which is great but the truth is I have to drive past a big wal-mart to go to Target but I would do that any day and I usually do!  So I make it home in one piece because it is only rain after all and I only melted a little bit because you know someone as sweet as me melts in the rain!  🙂

Why do I tell you this story?  To convince you that rainy days truly are meant to be enjoyed from the comfort of your cozy bed listening to the rain on your skylight or windows, reading a good book/nook/kindle, watching movies or in my case HGTV, and/or napping.  Just plain relaxing because you get the day off!

10 Running Questions

These questions (originating at have been floating around the runner-blog world, so I thought I’d just go with it and post my answers too.

1. Best run ever: The first Lone Gull 10K I ran last year in September was my best run ever but the one I remember the most is the OKC half marathon because I had never gone that far in my life.

2. Three words that describe my running: Stress-free,  Liberating. Empowering.

3. My go-to running outfit is: A Nike Dri-Fit shirt, running shorts, thorlo running socks, and my Saucony Ride 5 running shoes (for at least the next month before I have to get new ones).

4. Quirky habit while running: Not sure I have any but if you were in my head you would say the internal conversation I have going on the whole time.  If things are going wrong, it’s negative nancy and I fighting.  If things are going good, I just keep telling myself, how about we go a little farther.

5. Morning, midday, evening: I love running in the mornings but when I get up at 5:30 in the morning that does not happen.  So right now an evening fall run is a great time.

6. I won’t run outside when it’s: Too Cold or Dark. I’m too terrified to run alone outside in the dark.  Also I still have not gotten use to my lungs burning in the cold but I am going to try to do more outside running to get use to it.  Otherwise I am at the gym putting miles on the treadmill.

7. Worst injury—and how I got over it: It’s not a running injury but it is what really got me into running.  I tore my hamstring waterskiing.  After quite a few months in physical therapy I had legs of steal and wanted to get the rest of myself in shape so the running started.  I work really hard at stretching and doing a combo of strength training so I don’t get injured.

8. I felt most like a badass mother runner when: I completed the OKC half marathon like I said before, it was the longest I have ever gone.

9. Next race is: Still trying to figure that out.  I am hoping for a turkey trot in November and need to come up with some race for October.  Then I will hopefully be signing up for the OKC half-marathon for April.  I am sure I will have a few races between now and then.  Just keep reading.  :) 

10. Potential running goal for 2013: Sign up and complete at least 5 races.  Continue to train and remain injury free.

How would you answer the above questions? Copy these and paste them to your own blog post and share a little bit of yourself with the runner community! :)

Training Tuesday

Today’s training Tuesday’s blog should be recovery from TRX Tuesday.  Yes, I am still being tortured by my trainer.  I think it is fun for him.  I got this feeling when I entered the gym yesterday and he said “I’ve got some new things today” and got an evil grin on his face.  I should have run but crazy me thought sure what the heck, I’m paying extra for this torture.  I can’t remember all the things we did but I know each one was painful but worth it in the end (at least that is what I keep telling myself!)

So today instead of going back to the gym, I went out for a run.  One that I had no idea how long it would be but I was going to do it on the roads so I could not back out like I did last week.  Also, there is a threat of rain and colder temps toward the end of the week so I need to get out and enjoy the fall weather.

Today’s run was just 3.33 miles but it was nice.  Not great, just nice.  But I pushed on.  I am blaming this lack of great run on that TRX.  I am hoping that it pays off and gives me the results that I am looking for.

Now I need to figure out what I am training for.  I know I want to do the OKC half marathon again (don’t know whether I will do the full marathon instead so I train for the half right now).  I am thinking of doing a turkey trot this year even though I am not a fan of cold weather running but I should give it a try.  So I am currently looking for a run in October not sure the distance but willing to look at anything under 10 miles.  This is part of the changes I am making so I don’t put so much pressure on my performance/runs that happen only a few times a year.   So the search begins.

Hope you had a great training Tuesday!

Fabulous Fall on a Friday

It’s here!  It’s here!! Fall!!!!  I don’t know about you but this is my favorite time of the year.  I love the colors of the trees, the crispness in the air and just the feeling of fall.

Today was my day off and so I cleaned like a mad woman with the doors and windows open letting the fresh fall air in.  It was awesome.  My other favorite thing is this:

No, not the temperature gauge itself, but what is says.  They weather is in the 60’s at 3 o’clock in the afternoon.  Love it!

I also love my new find at Lowes.

I know you are thinking, “hey crazy lady they are just mums”.  But they are not just mums, they are a tricolor mix that a wonderful grower has put together and I didn’t have to buy three different kinds and make my own this year.  Poof, already done for me!

There is just something about fall that puts the energy back into my step!  Yippee!  Get out and enjoy the first day of fall tomorrow!

Tick, Tick, Tick…. Weeeeeeee!!!!

Now that I have your attention, can you figure out what I am referencing?  Answer: a roller coaster.  In particular, it is the emotional roller coaster that I am on right now.  Ever feel like you have been on one?  If not, I want to come visit you and find out what you are doing.  Right now my rollercoaster is beginning to feel out of control.  One minute I am doing okay, not great, just okay, but handling things and then the next I feel tears welling up.  Where it is coming from, I think I know but it is a huge combination of things.  Two of my main triggers are stress from work (sometimes feeling I can’t handle all the issues I am presented with and help everyone solve their problems.  Big error in that thinking because I can’t help everyone solve their problems they have to do it themselves but I sometimes put too much pressure on myself) and the next one is having a senior in high school and this one for multiple reasons.  One is I will miss her and I am already thinking about how she won’t be around next year (I am really conscious of the time I get to spend with her now and relish in every moment).  Another one came this evening when I had to go to senior parent night and listen to the guidance counselors tell us about the admission process.  Can you say DAUNTING?!  I myself have gone through the application process on multiple occasions for myself but it is different with your kid, mainly because it seems like they want more info now than when I was younger.  But we are facing it head on and will make it through.

So how do I handle the emotional roller coaster part that these things bring on?  Well, I would like to say with grace and ease.  But really I am my own worst client.  Tonight before my senior night I wanted to go for a run.  So I got dressed and was getting ready to head out for an outdoor run (it was in the high 60’s, perfect for a run) but at the last minute decided to go to the gym instead, mainly because my roller coaster was in mid-weeeeeee mode where I was not really in the mood to go, knew it would help, but really did not want to put out the effort.  So by going to the gym I could just get off the treadmill when I felt like I had had enough instead of knowing that I had to run back as far as I ran out if I went outside.  And that is what happened.  I made it 1.25 miles, got off the treadmill, went and stretched and left.  Did it help?  Kind of.  Should I have gone longer?  Probably.  But the problem was that my roller coaster had translated to tight muscles in my legs and I was in pain.  I am smart enough to know that if I am causing myself pain, it is better to stop than really hurt myself.  So I did.

My roller coaster is still running and I am trying to figure out how to at least slow it down.  I have some tricks in my bag like using breathing techniques and visualization techniques which I am finding somewhat helpful.  I am hoping that the most helpful thing is that today was my Friday so I get to sleep in tomorrow and I feel like I need that extra sleep.  Sometimes that is really all I need and here is hoping that my roller coaster is a kiddie one tomorrow instead of the crazy wooden one that jerks you around and sends your heart up into your throat as it drops as well as beats you up along the way.

My biggest hope is that you have learned through this blog post is that we all struggle (even someone trained to help others cope) and perseverance and desire to make some changes is what is going to pull me through in the end.

Training Tuesday with Race Results

The final results are in!  Last Sunday I completed my second Lone Gull 10K and here are my results compared to last year:

Last year:                                                     This Year:

52:57                                                                         50:15

8:32 min miles                                                    8:06 min miles

248 out of 564 runners                                  139 out of 630 runners

42 out of 175 in age division                        11 out of 94 in age division

I did pretty good.  Unfortunately I did not meet my goal, which I am kind of sad about.  My goal was under 50 mins. and being in the top 10 would have been a bonus (I would have had to hit under 49 mins for that to happen, so maybe next year).

I guess why I am disappointed was because I didn’t enjoy the race either.  The first mile “negative Nancy” (you might know her by another name, but she is the negative voice in my head) started badgering me with comments like, “you should have worked out more because I don’t think you can do this!”  “What were you even thinking doing this again.  You could turn around now, take off your number and just go home.”  I mean it was serious!  I tried every attempt at shaking her off and letting her fly into the ocean (after all I was running alongside it and it was a gorgeous day!).   But she would go nowhere.  It only got better after getting to the halfway mark (5K, 3.1mile marker) that I turned on negative Nancy and was like, “I gotta get back somehow!  I might as well run back!”  This is not to say the run got easier, I just got more determined.  I began to think back at how my split times were faster this time than last year.  How I had a goal of under 50 mins and I could possibly make it if I kept up the same pace.  How Dave has not seen me cross this finish line because he was out of town for last year’s race.  There were all kinds of good thoughts that were finally going through my head, FINALLY!

When I got to the 5.5 mile point I was even more determined to make it.  But felt I had used up all my energy to get to this point.  That is when I turned it over to a source greater than myself, I call him “God” but you can call him your own name.  I just said if you want me to finish than you have to carry me because I am spent (it takes a lot to battle those negative thoughts in your head and run fast!).  I was provided with energy to cross that line at the end and almost reach my goal time.  I take responsibility for not making my goal due to the many external forces I let infiltrate my mind.  This just makes me more determined for the next time.

I know you are probably thinking, hey crazy girl (I’m getting pretty use to being called that in my blog), you still did awesome over last year.  You are still improving and now you have a better goal for next year.  That is true!  And I do!  And that plan to change things starts now.  I am still figuring out how but I will keep you updated.

I think the biggest lesson I learned is how much energy we give negative thoughts.  How I could’ve let her win!  But I pushed through and now I need to make some changes and most of all STAY OUT OF MY HEAD for a little while, at least until I can get in more positive space and quit beating myself up.

Motivational Monday

I found this sign through Pinterest (I think I need to enter a 12 step program for Pinterest.  I can wast days on this website.)  Anyway, I hope you enjoy it and if you want to order one for yourself, here is the website:×20-Plaque-Thing-Called-Family/i/5082501

Just say this to yourself twice and if it doesn’t change your mood, you might want to check your pulse because I think you’re dead!

Have a great Monday.  Tomorrow I will update you on my run this weekend in my “Training Tuesday” blog post.  See ya then!

Energy, How do you get yours?

Today was the beginning of a three day weekend for me.  I have a race on Sunday (the one I have been talking about in my training blogs) so I have Sunday off.  I was thinking I would sleep in a little and then get up and go do yoga.  But the energy was not there.  Oddly enough it wasn’t even there to sleep in.  I know I am weird that I don’t have energy to sleep in.  So I decided to get dressed and go have lunch with my other half, but first I would run some errands, that is when the strangest thing happened to me.

I was in Dick’s sporting goods when some random guy came walking past me, looked me in the eyes and said, “You work too hard.”  I didn’t know what to make of this, in fact I laughed it off.  I was however wondering if this was just a crazy event and I should not read too much into it or if it was someone trying to tell me something.  It kept sticking out in my mind.

At lunch I asked my other half what he thought of it.  He told me that I do look tired.  Not exactly what a girl wants to hear but sometimes the truth hurts.

So I spent the afternoon trying to figure out how to get more energy and not look tired.  My solution was cleaning the house and doing the laundry.  Not sure it helped the not looking tired part but I did have a lot of energy and got a lot of stuff done.

I guess that is where I get my energy, cleaning.  Sounds crazy but I guess it is true.  Now I need to work on the looking tired part.  Hopefully I just need to make some changes in my life and figure out some better balance in order to get that back on track.

How do you get your energy?