Training Tuesday

Not sure I am even allowed to do this post today because Training Tuesday consisted of wanting to go for a run because I should and the weather outside is beautiful, but has transitioned into “OMG, that TRX training stuff kicked my butt yesterday and I can hardly move (and I have a job that I am on my feet most of the day so I can hardly move).”

So maybe Training Tuesday should be more like here are some of the things I am thinking about for my upcoming race/run on Sunday, which if you were in my head they would look something like this:

 Insert visual image of my head whirling around with insane thoughts going in and out with no logical pattern!  (unable to locate an actual image but I am sure it would be extremely colorful!)

Crazy thoughts flying all over the place and I am already working myself up over a little 10K race because I want to perform better.  Tell you what, if I was running that race today I would be lucky to make it walking and in under 3 hours!!!!

But really here are some thoughts that go through my head the week before I race.  Am I eating the right thing (of course I am, I eat everything in sight because my metabolism is out of control), how many runs should I do (which the answer for me is a light week of runs but continue stretching, which is usually 3-5 miles a day, except today because I will cry, and maybe a bike ride on Friday and a rest day on Saturday with my run on Sunday).  I am not sure whether this is what I am supposed to do but it seems to work.  I will let you know!

Also the doubt starts to fly around in my head.  Starts with are you CRAZY (we have already established that in previous posts so the answer is YES!).  Continues with, you ran 6 miles last Friday and it hurt (well of course it did because I started an hour later than I wanted and it was about 1000% humidity, again covered in another blog post!).  So I expect this race to hurt because I want to do better than last, so move on thought, move on!  Then I begin to feel a little more confident that I can at least finish and if for some reason I don’t do better than last time, hey, there is always next year!  The only unfortunate part is that this process goes on more and more in my head until finally I just wake up on race day and use it to power me through.  As they say, running is more about the mind than the feet.  I can prove that!

Now for the therapy part….. a realization is that our thoughts have so much power over our body.  By changing our thoughts we can change what happens.  I could easily let the doubt be my main focus and by race day feel like a bag of poop and go out there and feel like a failure which in turn would create a horrible race.  Or I can change it into positive, I’ve trained, I’m ready, and if I don’t do better than last year, than maybe it just wasn’t my day.  But guess what, it’s not race day and I can already tell you it will be better because I have made it another year of training as a runner (which is something I never thought I would do), I have over 650 miles under my feet (multiple pairs of running shoes), and I am doing something that I really enjoy.  So I’ll keep you updated and let you know how it goes.

Happy Tuesday!

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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