Training Tuesday

Today’s training Tuesday’s blog should be recovery from TRX Tuesday.  Yes, I am still being tortured by my trainer.  I think it is fun for him.  I got this feeling when I entered the gym yesterday and he said “I’ve got some new things today” and got an evil grin on his face.  I should have run but crazy me thought sure what the heck, I’m paying extra for this torture.  I can’t remember all the things we did but I know each one was painful but worth it in the end (at least that is what I keep telling myself!)

So today instead of going back to the gym, I went out for a run.  One that I had no idea how long it would be but I was going to do it on the roads so I could not back out like I did last week.  Also, there is a threat of rain and colder temps toward the end of the week so I need to get out and enjoy the fall weather.

Today’s run was just 3.33 miles but it was nice.  Not great, just nice.  But I pushed on.  I am blaming this lack of great run on that TRX.  I am hoping that it pays off and gives me the results that I am looking for.

Now I need to figure out what I am training for.  I know I want to do the OKC half marathon again (don’t know whether I will do the full marathon instead so I train for the half right now).  I am thinking of doing a turkey trot this year even though I am not a fan of cold weather running but I should give it a try.  So I am currently looking for a run in October not sure the distance but willing to look at anything under 10 miles.  This is part of the changes I am making so I don’t put so much pressure on my performance/runs that happen only a few times a year.   So the search begins.

Hope you had a great training Tuesday!