Training Tuesday

Training Tuesday is brought to you by the letter O as in OOOOOoouuuuucccccchhhhhh!

Word of advice: “Never tell your trainer that you are going to have to take a break in 3 weeks because you are changing jobs and you need time to adjust!”  I believe that it gives him the incentive to work you harder.  At least that is what he did Monday night.  Can you say brutal?  I hope it is worth it!

Due to that torture, today was difficult.  I did make it to the gym and for that I deserve an “A” for effort. 

I was even able to run 3 miles before my legs screamed “enough”.  So being a person who doesn’t want to get hurt, I stopped and spent about 20 mins stretching out those screaming legs.  Now I have to figure out how to make the screaming rest of my body relax.  I’m thinking a good night’s sleep followed by a long hot shower in the morning will help.  Oh and maybe a little ibuprofen in between.

Off to sleep to dream of a body in less pain and witty new blogs for tomorrow!