Fabulous Fall Friday

Today was one of those rare fall days in the northeast that the temp reaches almost 80 and it feels wonderful to be outside.  So I took advantage of it.  I didn’t do my long run today because I did a 6.5 mile run last night in the mist which felt really refreshing and nice.  Which meant today, no run, just relaxing and getting stuff done.

I decided to surprise my other half with a picnic.  I wanted it to look like this:

But instead it was more my style, thrown together with lots of meaning with the door open on our RAV4 feet hanging out and relaxing on couch pillows for comfort with homemade sandwiches and great conversation and a little ipod music thrown in for good measure.  I enjoy these moments.

I found myself just relaxed.  I can’t say I have felt that way in a while.  Fall is my favorite time of year and I feel like it comes and goes so fast that I want to enjoy it.  And enjoying it with someone you love is pretty awesome.

I wonder if we can all take some moments out of every day to just relax and enjoy.  I believe that each day is a gift and we are not promised another.  Today I really enjoyed my gift (and still enjoying because it is only early afternoon) and I am going to try every day to take a moment and enjoy!  I hope you will too.


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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