Full Circle Moment

I talk a lot in my work about awareness and how if we actually took a moment to look at things around we would see connections in life events.  Today, I had many of those moments and they were so impactful my brain kept saying, “Blog about it!  Mainly so you will remember it happened once life gets crazy again.”  So here I am sharing….

My day was filled with ups and downs like always but today I just took it all in and savored it.  I enjoyed spending time with my clients in groups and in the hallways, then spending a long lunch hanging out with the other Clinicians laughing and just having fun.   The full circle moment came when I got in my car at the end of the day and turned on the car.  A song by Rascal Flatts was playing in my cd player and the lyrics that it was on (rather loudly because I was jamming on my way to work at 6am this morning) were “she’s leaving”, very fitting as I was driving away.  When I looked in my rearview mirror all I saw was the huge butterfly balloon that one of my friends gave me and it seemed so appropriate.  It brought tears to my eyes to realize over a year and half ago I started with this company during grad school when I had never sat in front of a client much less 32 and held group.  I began to think about how much I have metamorphosed into a butterfly.  A very colorful butterfly who was shaped and colored by this experience.  Because of this place I feel confident that I have made a good choice to continue my career.  I am thankful for every experience I had and grateful for all the wonderful people I meet.

I wonder if you have ever had a full circle moment.  The type of moment where everything just fell into place and you understood why things happened like they did.  If so, you know where I am.  If not, what is keeping you from really taking a breath and being aware of things around you, moments happening in your life, and learning from events that may not mean a lot at the time but they will.  Try it!  You may like it!