Socks? Who needs socks?!

Not a picture of me in my socks, but I have these and love them!

Well apparently I do!!!  Have you ever seen that commercial on TV about, well I don’t remember what it is advertising, but they are talking about going to the gym and reasons why they didn’t go today.  One of the excuses is “Well I was on the phone with my mom so I didn’t go” (sorry mom, never happens) and then the other one says, “That’s a day in itself”.  And then another one is “To tired”.  I know there are a lot more excuses in the commercial but like what it is advertising for, I can’t remember all of the excuses.  But I think about this every time I am doing my mental checklist before I go into the gym.  One day I didn’t go because I forgot a ponytail holder (or elastic or whatever you want to call the thing that holds your hair back).  So I promptly went to the store and bought a brush and ponytail holders to go permanently in my bag so I would not have that problem again.

Then today (because I am trying to get back into the gym/working out) I got to the gym and thought I had everything.  But I was wrong.  I forgot my socks.  I thought “who needs socks?”  I have everything else, ipod, clothes, shoes, brush and ponytail holder.  Surely I can do without the socks, barefoot runners do without shoes!  Guess what?  I was wrong.  After 3.5 miles, I got off the treadmill, whipped off my shoes (sorry fellow gym goers) to several raw and kind of bleeding spots on my feet.  Yeah, I know for you seasoned runners, what was I thinking?  For the rest of us, don’t run without socks, unless you are running barefoot!

So now I turn this into a therapeutic moment…. I learned!  I like the quote: “When you know better, you do better.”  Do I know better now?  Well yes!  Will I run without my socks again?  Hopefully NO!

And now I can relate it to my everyday life and moving past moments when we do something we regret and instead of beating ourselves up, we have to learn to move on.  I like to think of the good that came out of it… I was successful in working out, I burned a lot of calories, I had a pretty good run, I got rid of some stress and felt better after (well except for my bloody arches), I now know that running without socks is not a good idea and I won’t make that mistake in the future.  And above all else, I can laugh at myself for doing something crazy like this.  Overall I learned, I’m moving past and I am hoping they will heal and I will get to run a few more times before my Turkey trot on Sunday!

Is there any item you have forgotten to bring with you to work out and you regretted it after?  Or more general, what are some things you learned today that you did not know yesterday that will make you a better person?


4 thoughts on “Socks? Who needs socks?!

  1. Yesterday I forgot my new program and surprisingly I drove back home and got it and went back to the gym (in the past I would have just gone home)! My trainer works me hard so I didn’t dare not have that program!

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