5 miler finished!!!

It was cold!

Today I completed my first ever 5 miler and Turkey Trot.  They were one in the same so it was not only my first 5 miler but also my first ever Turkey Trot.  Bad news is, I didn’t come home with a turkey!  Good news is, I didn’t come home with a turkey!  Don’t get me wrong, I love turkey and you can find me eating it for most of the month of November.  We are just a small family and having a turkey in the house would only create issues like me wanting to cook it and eat it all which could never happen before it went bad. (I’m not cooking for Turkey day instead we are hanging out with some friends and family at another location.)

Goofing around with Mackenzie before the race.

Getting my tunes all ready!

So now for the race, well I learned something today.  If the top prize at your race is $800, you get some elite runners and the race is fast!!!!  Which is good if you are in great shape and have been able to run a lot or if you know how to pace yourself so you don’t start out to fast, both of which were not the case for this.  But I did keep telling myself that this is a “trot”.  “This is your long run Sunday with about 1,000 of your friends who decided to do the same thing on a 45 degree day.”  I am not making excuses or starting this out negative, I am just making a statement.

I did enjoy the race but like I stated a little earlier, I need to work on a few things.  One is get some more runs in so I feel more in shape which just means a little better management of schedule.  That is a work in progress but I am working towards it.  Second, learning how to pace myself!  Not sure how to do this because my first mile was 7:12 and I was excited that I did that but also knew I had to slow down fast so I would have something at the end.  So I did.  But I would like to figure out how to do the pacing the right way where your first mile is your slowest and you speed up as you keep going.  I think this also comes with more races.  I am already looking for my next race but with the cold weather in New England (and me being a wimp) I will have to figure out how to build up my courage to run in the COLD!

I will do the race again and the best news is, now I have a time to beat: 40:54  I think I can do that! (Stay tuned for the official results in a future blog)

Special thanks to my wonderful family who came out to cheer me on and snap photos (Dave).  Here are two more pics from today’s race, beginning and end.  Not pictured is my awesome partner in crime Dave.  Love you!!!

Beginning of the race and the mass of runners!

Official time is 40:54 but this shows 41:00. I’ll take the 40:54!