Hug a Runner Day!!

So according to a facebook page and blog I follow, it is National Hug a runner day!  Here is a hug because who doesn’t need a hug everyday!

I hope you enjoy it and remember you are not alone.  Just because running can seem to be an isolating activity it can also be a great release and way to process things.  I like to know that others are reaching to better themselves just like me and that reminds me that we are a strong community, us crazy runners.  So rock on!!!

Go Hug another runner and pass it on!!!

PS – Here are my final results from Sunday’s 5 miler.  I am giving myself a big HUG and pat on the back for doing my best and it being rewarded with a great time:

Official time: 40:54

8:11 per mile

289 out 753

14 out of 89 in age group!