balanceBalance is a strange word.  It has been going through my head a lot lately.  With my new job, my desire/thoughts of running a marathon in 2013, my family, and my extra-curricular activities (I love to write that, it brings me back to high school), I have been trying to find this balance.  As an example, I have “sucked” at keeping up with my blog this week.  I want to write things but I’m not running as much which is where most of my ideas come from because it is my only moments to process daily events.  So I guess the big question is… How do I get that balance back?  I would tell my clients to really think about what is important to them and schedule the time to do it.  Guess what?  We are now back to that part where I am my own worst client.

How do you find balance? (Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!)   I am hoping to relax and possibly find a way to get that balance.balance1