My Numbers!

numbersI am a follower of many blogs but this blog Hungry Healthy Happy ( posted this blog and I thought it looked like fun.  So here goes:

1 – number of half marathons I’ve run (Loved it and have to do some more)

2 – number of cats in my life right now

7 – number of cats I’ve had in my lifetime

39 age I started running long distances also the year I really started to enter races

At least 1 – the number of marathons I would like to try

3 – number of girls I call my children (2 lovely stepdaughters, 1 wonderful daughter)

1 – number of people I call my soulmate (I know cheesy but true!)

34 – number of states I have been too or through (in a car/van) in the US.  Not too bad!

5 – current number of decorated Christmas trees in my house this year

7 – past number of decorated Christmas trees in my house

375 – number of friends on facebook and I know them all!  And like most of them!  (just kidding, I like them all!)

38 – number of wordpress followers on my blog and I am thankful for them all!  Tell your friends about my blog and let’s see if we can hit 50 by the end of the year!

67 – number of blogs I’ve posted (now 68)

4 – months I’ve been blogging

6- number of books I’m trying to read at the same time right now

8 – number of years I have lived in Massachusetts and it really feels like home.

7 – number of races I want to try and run in 2013

18 – number of years I have been a mom and I wouldn’t change them for the world!

6 – number of colleges I have attended

3 – number of degrees received (associates, bachelors, masters)

22 – number of years I have been in school on and off to achieve those degrees (Holy Crap!) I should have never calculated that!

13 – number of times I have moved in my lifetime and we are thinking of moving in 2013, I hope it is the last or next to last move.  And this one (and any others) I want to hire someone to do it!

22 number of useless knowledge items about me you just read!  I hope you enjoyed.

Happy Saturday!