Cherish Jar

Here it is!  My newly created Cherish jar for 2013.


I have a lot of scrapbook paper due to the fact I am no longer a stay at home mom and really have no time for scrapbooking oh and thank you Shutterfly ( for the ease and gorgeous books I can create.   So I used some of the paper as scraps to write on.  Who says there has to only be white pieces of paper to record events.  Now when my jar gets filled up it will be extremely colorful.

I also decided to use colored pencils for writing instead of the boring blue or black pen.  Something else I cherish is color and creativity.  (really trying to go full board with this cherish theme)DSC_0669

I am excited about how this will be used throughout the year.  Dave keeps asking me what are the rules?  I, of course, start out with there are no rules and then begin to tell him what you are supposed to do (a.k.a. “the rules”).  Here is my definition of how this is to be used throughout the year.  Whenever we go somewhere, do something, have a great time at something, or maybe just a day we sit at home and watch is snow, we get to record it on the piece of scrapbook paper.  You have to write the date and the event on the back of the paper and remember to fold it so it doesn’t get confused with the blank sheets and put it back into the jar.  At the end of the year we will spend some time going through the pieces and reliving/enjoying things that happened in the year a.k.a. “cherishing the moments”.

My daughter thinks I’m crazy but I know she will get it one of these days.  Maybe not til she is older, but I think she will understand eventually.

Here is hoping my jar is filled to the brim with wonderful events in 2013!


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