Reframing, it is not what you think it is.

I spend most of my days helping people reframe their thoughts, turn negative thoughts into positive thoughts.  I stress the importance of changing your thinking because it WILL change your life.  I begin to think I am a motivational speaker instead of a therapist and then I realize why not be both.  By helping people think outside the box and changing their thinking it helps us to get through things that we never think we could.  reframe

What are you struggling with?  What are your thoughts about it?  If you have constantly told yourself that there is no way you will make it through this, then you are probably right.  You WILL struggle to make it through.  But if you take a moment to reframe the thoughts about what you are struggling with to positive thoughts, you have a great chance of a positive outcome and positive feelings about your struggle.

Give it a try.  Start with your next struggle, your next obstacle that seems impossible.  Think of it in a different more positive way, get rid of any negative thoughts about it, and face it head on.  I think you will see how much this type of thinking can change your outlook and motivate you believe me because I use it for myself almost everyday!