Marathon Training Update

marathon1As some of you might remember, January 1st I signed up for my first marathon ever.  The positive things are  that I have plenty of time to train and I have never really quit running so I just need to increase my miles.  The negative thing is I am scared to death but I am trying to harness this fear for good!   It has now been a full 16 days into my marathon training and I can honestly say that I am feeling more confident.  Over the past two weeks and a few days I have done this: (which in the future can be found here if you are interested)

12/30 – 10 miles Yeah for starting the week out right and it felt great!!

12/31 – 0 miles

01/01/2013 0 miles – but signed up for the Marathon so here goes!

01/02 – 4 miles

01/03 – upper body workout in my home gym/bedroom

01/04 – 4 miles on the treadmill.

01/05 – 0 miles

Week of 12/30/12  – 01/05/13  – 18 miles, slowly getting back to more miles.

01/06 – 12.23 miles outside.  So nice and I had so much energy after.

01/07 – 0 miles – Rest and my tap class

01/08 – 4 miles at the gym.

01/09 – 0 miles

01/10 – 0 miles

01/11 – 5 miles on the treadmill

01/12 – 0 miles – did do some walking while shopping and looking for new flooring and appliances but I won’t count that mileage.

Week of  01/06/13 – 01/12/13 – 21.23 miles – It makes me sooooo happy to see an increase in this number.  Now need to increase the days I run.

01/13 – 12.5 miles average pace (according to my Nike app) was 8:25 per mile.  Thinking I might need to get a garmin because I am not sure the app is as reliable as I want it to be.

01/14- Rest and my tap class

01/15 – 4 miles on the treadmill.  Really not a fan of the treadmill right now but since it is so dark when I get home it is the only option.

01/16 – 5.8 miles on the treadmill.  Finally getting those miles up!

Week of  01/13/13 – 01/19/13 – Already at 22.3 miles and the week is not over yet!marathon

I can honestly say I am feeling more confident and most days I am looking forward to this next big step (despite my daughter saying that all of her friends think I am crazy).

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