Procrastination Station

procrastinationWelcome aboard my procrastination train, I hope you enjoyed the station.  🙂   Today was one of those days, okay really it was this weekend that was one of those weekends!  I like to call my procrastination, My chance to relax.  But really what is going on in my head it just get it done.

Have you ever wondered why we procrastinate?  I do especially when I am in that mode.  I know if I just did what I was trying to avoid it would be done and then I could move on, yet that doesn’t motivate me.  Unfortunately I have noticed it is the same for my child.  She has to finish two books by Tuesday for school and when did she wait to read them, well of course Sunday evening.  Oh wait she is sleeping right now so she is really still hanging out in procrastination station!  I also think this has something to do with Senioritis!  Yet somehow she gets it done and her grades are still good and she has been accepted into each college she has applied to, so I have to let her figure it out and I guess I need to focus on me.  (Hey it is easier to procrastinate if I focus on someone else, don’t you think!) procrastination1

Today in my procrastination I managed to clean the downstairs, clean the fishtank, start laundry and clean the bathtub.  I know it doesn’t sound like procrastination but I was avoiding the 28 degrees with a windchill factor of who knows what, but I know it was cold outside with those wonderful 15mph wind gusts.  Why avoid this, well it is long run Sunday!  My gym runs on the treadmill have been miserable lately and I was procrastinating making a decision of what to do.  So I cleaned.  This isn’t abnormal for me.  When I was in grad school I would bake instead of do the project, read the chapter, or study for the test.  So I have this all down to a fine art by now.  Don’t we all?!

Finally around 1:30pm, I just went upstairs changed into long leggings with windbreaker pants on top, a couple of layers of dri-fit shirts, put my cut little skull cap hat on, hooked my ipod in, and faced it.  The wind biting in my face but the sun beating down and telling me, “Hey goofball, it is about time you got out here.”  Honestly that is what when through my head once I started out.  What took me so long and why did I try to avoid this so long.  Well truth is, I was scared.  I think that is what procrastination is all about for me.  If I fear something, I will put it off until the last possible minute.  Fear of failure, fear of the unknown, and fear of can I really run in weather that is below freezing.

procrastination3Well guess what, I did it!  I had a goal of running 10 miles today  because of my horrible treadmill runs and the fact that I just did the math I am 13 weeks away from the other scary thing in my life right now, my first full marathon.  Which brings me to another point, isn’t it crazy when we are facing something that is so scary like a marathon, we face new fears and accomplish those along the way.  I know that someone doesn’t just wake up one morning and put on their shoes and run 26.2 miles (okay someone might of but it is not me!).  We have to build up those miles, go farther than we have ever gone hitting those milestones on a weekly basis so when the marathon gets here we will be prepared.

I think that is how I have to look at procrastination and push through it.  Only when we do those things we are scared of do we grow.  Avoidance can only happen for so long before we have to make a decision even if the decision is to avoid it, that in and of itself is a decision.  As for me, I am going headfirst into this running decision like I have in sharing my insights, challenges, and beliefs through this blog.  I hope you will do the same.  Because really we only live once and I don’t know about you but I am truly trying to make the most of my first and only time to live!!

Are you in procrastination station right now?  What is that you are avoiding?  Why? 

PS – the run felt great after all the avoiding and I ran 12.13 miles in 1:42:31.  Got really cold at the end but so happy!procrastination2