Crazy things that people say that make you think

haircutWednesday I got my haircut.  No earth shattering news because we all do it, right?!  Well I have crazy thick hair so I had my hairstylist cut off about 3 inches, which I guess is pretty drastic when your hair is only shoulder length to begin with.  Anyway, I went to work the next day and one of my coworkers stated, “I guess you did this to get ready for the marathon.”  My answer, “Sure, I guess” in my very confused but nice way.

Today I was in the shower washing my hair and thinking about this statement and I started laughing.  The marathon is not until the end of April.  Chances are (and the fact that I have another hair appointment scheduled for march) that I will have to cut my hair again before the marathon.  So if I kept that one person’s logic, everything I do between now and the end of April is because of the marathon.  Which in the training, eating, and sleeping aspect is true.  If I don’t keep making the right choices, I will not be fully prepared for the run.

But something funny in all this is the day after I got my haircut, I went for my training run on the treadmill and I felt lighter.  I started thinking, cutting this much off hair off my head makes a difference in some strange way.  I should probably do this before the marathon.  Which in the end makes the person right, I did do it to get ready for the marathon!


6 thoughts on “Crazy things that people say that make you think

  1. I chopped mine off (below shoulders to a short inverted bob) to help with time. I was finding it difficult to do a full days work, plus chores, plus train and then beautify myself. Bonus was that now I’m older my hair is curlier so I now don’t have to style it and the mud washes out easier 🙂

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