motivational1How do you get it?  Why are some people more motivated to do things than others?  I so wish I had the answer for that question.  Not just for myself but for my clients as well.  I recently (within the past few months) began thinking about my goals for the future and what I want to do.  I chatted with my other half about becoming a motivational speaker of some sort.  I love the energy I get out of doing groups and I have been told by others (I like to think many others) that I inspire them to do better.  But I am still unsure how to do the speaking part.  I guess right now my voice is right here through this blog!

Tonight when I was coming home from my last client of the day I was thinking how different each one of my clients are and how each one of them has different things that motivate them (some having no motivation at all but that is life).  I wondered if there are some things that all of us are motivated by.  Here is the small list I came up with that motivates most people:

  1. Money (I know a shocker!)
  2. Family (not only wanting a better life for our family but sometimes our family literally tries to kick us in the pants to motivate us!)
  3. Having a better life (I guess you get that by having more money but that is not always the answer.  Sometimes having a better life means making better choices for yourself like eating better, exercising more and even ending a relationship that is toxic.)

I am wondering if there are other things that motivate us to take action or are these three things the primary reasons we are motivated to make changes? OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

The next question is once we are motivated, how do we stay there?  For me I try to surround myself with positive thoughts (see all of my motivational Monday quotes, as well as my facebook page has constant daily quotes).  I also know that in order to stay motivated I have to be gentle with myself and realize that not every day is going to be a motivated kind of day.  Some days are just gonna be the ones you never want to repeat but even those, I have been spending time trying to learn something from.

So how do you stay motivated?  Do you have ideas for things that keep you motivated?  I would love to hear them all.


4 thoughts on “Motivation?!

  1. …(whoops) time of year I’d much rather lie in a warm bed @ 5:30 am than go outside in the snowbanks, but grit, sheer will and the determination to change my personal story motivates me. 30 lbs. lighter and two 5Ks later, I am in a MUCH MUCH better place!

    Just a thought…if you’re thinking about speaking, I would recommend checking out some of the groups on It is a community of entrepeneurs, mostly personal coaches, writers, speakers, etc. You might find some resources helpful. And it’s all FREE.

    Love the blog. I look forward to future posts!

  2. I’ve nominated your for The Very Inspiring Blogger Award!

    Here are the rules:

    ~Display the award logo on your blog (copy and paste it from my blog)
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    ~State 7 things about yourself
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    Keep blogging!

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