expectations1I’m a mom.  I know, I know, you’re shocked that I am a parent (if only you read my bio you might know a little something about me.) 🙂  The other reaction could be, “there is no way someone who looks so young could be a parent of an 18.5 year old.  (I have to add the .5 because sometimes that is the age I feel like my child is at.)

Anyway… I find it funny the expectations that your children place on you.  For all of you parents out there you know your child’s expectations, “you are supposed to do all that I ask and be able to read my mind”!  At least that is how it feels some of the time, okay, most of the time.  I write this as my child has just informed me that I need to be somewhere until late on Sunday night because in her opinion that is the right thing to do.  Well that is great but I have my own expectations and things I need to get done.  Right now, especially while I train for the marathon which is officially two months away today, I need to spend a little time focusing on myself and getting looooonnnggg runs in.  I love other people, I spend time everyday taking care of others but on the weekends I am trying to concentrate on some of my own needs.  Afterall isn’t that what we are supposed to teach our kids that by taking care of ourselves we show that we are important too.  This in no way takes away from caring for them but by the age of 18.5 years old there are some things I no longer should need to do. expectations

Okay, I could be ranting but really what are the expectations we should have for ourselves and others.  I had this great discussion tonight at our midweek date night (which is really occurring because of the events I have to be at with my daughter all weekend).  I have huge expectations for myself, clients, employers, friends, and colleagues.  I truly am unsure how to change these things.  I want to learn to relax and maybe not expect so much from others but am unsure how to do this.  Any advice at this point is very much appreciated!

Do we change our expectations depending on the source?  (I would say yes but what do you think.)

How do we not get discouraged when our high expectations are continuously not met?  Lower them?

These are all questions that I feel like I am continuously processing so any help would be appreciated and I am sure suggestions will make it into another blog about expectations which I am sure will come very soon!expectations2


2 thoughts on “Expectations

  1. Don’t lower your expectations, just build in some flexibility. How? No idea! I’m still working it out myself. Parenthood would have to be the most difficult, wonderful, rewarding, annoying job ever. I was a single mum for 12 years and looking back I have no idea how I managed. Sounds to me like you are a an amazing mum. You’ll work out.

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