A Common Theme

pass2Tonight as I was reading all the blogs that I subscribe too through my blog reader and I began to notice a theme that I can totally understand.  We are all struggling.  We are all facing fears that we have to overcome as well as times of uncertainty or even depression.  I can totally relate.

Is it the weather?  We are currently being slammed with another snowstorm.  Now don’t get me wrong, I love the snow but it’s march, so maybe it is time for some spring to happen.

Is it the season?  Technically we are still in winter even though as I just mentioned spring should be here soon.  The days are shorter but good news (especially if you live in the U.S.) we lose an hour this weekend so our days will be longer by turning our clocks forward.

Or is it that we all just need a great/long vacation?  I can totally buy into this one.  The only problem is that I can’t “buy” into this one.  (No extra money to make this investment, currently) pass

I would like to say I have come up with the answer but sorry, unfortunately I don’t have the answers.  I can tell you that I finally feel like I’m getting better.  Recently I decided to use another coping skill which is kind of an old coping skill, I started reading books that have nothing to do with my work.  I usually try to stay up to date on things, learn new ways to help my clients, or further my knowledge.  But I have been feeling overwhelmed by doing this, feeling like I never relax in the evening and so when I wake up the next morning, it’s like I never stopped working.  I began to realize my clients can benefit more from me taking these moments to take care of myself then knowing more information to pass on to them.

My advice to add to this common theme with my fellow bloggers is the old saying, “this too shall pass”.  Hang in there, keep plugging away, and venting with each other will really help!pass1