Love/Hate Relationship

loveLet me start by saying that this is not a griping post just something I was thinking about while I was running tonight.

I have a lot of love hate relationships and I didn’t even realize it!  This is the conversation that started it all in my head.  I love that daylight savings time allowed me to get in a 10 mile run after work… hate that daylight savings time takes my body a good three days to adjust too.  Here are some of the others I came up with while I was running so surprise, surprise there are quite a few about running.  Read on if you would like:

I love a good run…hate the first one to two miles of it though!

I love to run outside…hate to run on the treadmill.

I love the wind in my face in the summer…hate the wind in my face when it is 45 degrees because it is COLD!love2

I love to finish my day early… hate to get up early to start my day!  (Crazy I know!)

I love to do things with my family… hate to play boardgames with my family (but I do it anyway because I am a good mom.)

I love my cats…hate their hair everywhere (especially on my plate when I am eating and believe me I clean all the time!)

I love snow… hate the winter because of the short days and the cold.

I love my clients… hate that sometimes I feel like I am working harder than them.

I love reading a good book…hate finishing it because it feels like I am losing some new friends.

I really feel like I could come up with more but this is probably enough.  I think we all have love hate relationships.  Which ones are you willing to admit to?