Community Experience

communityThere are lots of communities, more specifically there are multiple people we are connected to through different life experiences.  Have I lost anybody yet?  Maybe I should tell you what happened this evening and then you will understand my thinking (at least I hope so.).

Tonight I was at the gym for a run after a long day of sitting on my butt at a conference.  I struggled for the 7 miles but I did it!  Then my right toes started cramping mainly because I didn’t roll after my run, I just wanted to get home and get some things done.  Anyway, I went into the room to stretch and roll and there was someone there who I struck up a conversation with.  Remember, I am a talker/therapist so any chance to talk to someone, I take.  Well we started talking about training and turns out she is the same age as me but has run about 15 marathons.  She knew just by seeing me at the gym so much that I must be training for something.  So I told her about my upcoming marathon. community2

We then spent the next 20 mins (much to her husband’s chagrin) chatting.  It was great to find a connection with someone and she even volunteered to help me train.  Finally I have someone to chat with in person, someone who has done this crazy marathon thing quite a few times.  A new person to add to my running community, Yippee!!!  Someone I can learn from!

This whole experience made me think about all the communities I have in my life.  My work community which supports me and helps me help my clients.  My blogging community which is awesome and I thoroughly enjoy the support from.  My running community which has more people through my blog than in person but now I have one more to add to it.  My daughter’s dance community which is like a close family.  These are just a few I can think of right now.

What I love about these communities are that I gain so much by being involved in each one.  I look forward to what I can learn and enjoy the socialization.  Do you have communities that you are involved in?  I bet you do.  Have you ever thought about what you get from each one?  Maybe now you will!community1