Sometimes I wonder….

Sometimes I wonder if I am just very dingy or if I just don’t quite understand things when they are happening.  I like to think that when I am with my clients I am able to help them and provide them with good insight but when things happen to me, I tend to just let them happen and then later think, why didn’t I say anything.  Something like this happened to me tonight.  I was at wondera dessert bar having well, dessert, and I ran into someone I know.  She was with others and we struck up a conversation.  One of these individuals informed me that the reason I was able to teach a class at a local university was because I am blonde and skinny.

I have been sitting here pondering this horrible remark and wondering why I didn’t say anything to her about why she felt it was necessary to say something like this.  I mean I was glad that all my hard work in the gym/training has paid off but I like to think I have a ton more to give than my body.  I like to think I am pretty intelligent.  I think my biggest regret is that it took me a good 40 mins to process what was said and why I didn’t say something in the moment to rebut what she had said.  Maybe it is that I am too nice, maybe it was I really didn’t give what she said any worth, or maybe I felt what I said at the moment was enough which was explaining how I came upon the opportunity.  Whatever it was, I am thinking whether I would have handled the situation different if I was a in a different mood.  When I am out with my other half, I am relaxed and enjoying my time so I am not on guard about what people are saying.  I just let things happen.

I guess I wonder the most why would someone say something like that.  My biggest thought is jealously.  I really hate that word but I feel like I have those moments of jealously where I think something but don’t necessarily say it.  I guess my hope is that she begins to think about things before she says them and then the other part me wants to show her that I can do this as well as other things and be very successful!  Oh and I probably will continue to have these moments, continue to not say anything to someone but will continue to grow and become a successful therapist.  Just a thought and something to wonder about…..


5 thoughts on “Sometimes I wonder….

  1. Her comment doesn’t even make sense, and you know it isn’t true. It’s sad that some women feel the need to put down other women, maybe to make themselves feel better for their own perceived shortcomings. Don’t give her unkind words another thought.

  2. I hate it when you get a witty retort after the fact. It’s great you rose above it and to be honest screw her, People only say nasty things when they have nothing nice to feel about themselves. So at least you’re happy, self confident and nice x

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