Getting there…

Totally need to find someone to do this for me.  I think I might just put it on my shirt in some way!

Totally need to find someone to do this for me. I think I might just put it on my shirt in some way!

For the past couple of weeks I have been stressing.  I know, I know you would never know I am a stresser.  Anyway, I’ve been stressing because I would meet people on this training journey who have run lots of marathons.  I would ask them for advice because I feel like I need as much as I can get.  One person, who I wrote about in a previous blog, told me about different ways to massage my muscles, some eating advice, and even volunteered to train with me.  (I haven’t taken her up on the offer but it was really nice and I might do it in the future.)  Then there was the question, for those of you who have trained for a marathon, or have offered advice to others, you might know the question.  This question can send you into a joyful confidence or it can make you want to cry and stress you completely out.  Well guess which one it was for me.  Yep, pretty easy, I’m the one who was full of confidence.  NOT!!!

Okay so everyone is on the same page, the question I am talking about is:  What is your longest run so far in your training?  Well I don’t know about you but I haven’t had an extra 3 hours in my recent weekends to devote to running (even though I probably should have) and the amount of snow we have had on a weekly basis has made it hard to run longer than 1.5 hours because that is only as far as the gym treadmill will let me run (not to mention some of the weird looks I get from people who are like,”you’re still running!”)

So my previous answer was 15 miles (okay I fudged it a little because hey I was talking to people who have run at least 10 marathons.  I was a little intimidated).   My previous long run was only 13.5 miles which sounds really far until their response was given with a very concerned face, “you really need to run at least an 18 miler before you do a marathon.”  Hence the crazy, psychotic stress face that happened internally when talking to them but externally when I got away from them and began to doubt what I was doing once again.  I mean really was the human body meant to run 26.2 miles when we have cars and bikes even that can get us there way faster!

Well, I did it!  Today I ran for 2.5 hours and completed 18.3 miles.  The weather was beautiful, my body felt good, and I didn’t even hate the first 3 miles.  Yeahgetting there1 me!  Just so you don’t think this is all about running, I learned something from this, okay I already knew it, but I reaffirmed something from this, “whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you are right!”  Never does this mean more to me than when I am so buried in my head that I lose all confidence and need a flicker of hope to get me going again.  Well, today I got it.  Today I knew that I can complete a marathon.  Today I knew that I can do whatever I put my mind to.  Today I knew that if I let others take control of my mind than I lose.  Today I knew that if I had to run the marathon this weekend, I WOULD finish (which really should be and is my goal. And a little side note, as soon as I realized that during my run, I started crying.  I’m such and emotional freak but they were tears of joy that I have jumped one more hurdle.getting there2)

How about you?  Did you have a confidence building moment or are you getting there?  I hope so.