Random Thoughts/Questions

random1So here I sit on a Friday evening at home all alone… oh sorry, I didn’t want you to feel sorry for me.  I am enjoying my time (okay it is a little lonely but I am glad everyone in my house is doing something they find enjoyable outside of my house and away from me).  With no one to talk to, I begin to think (I know!  Look out because that is dangerous!)  I haven’t written a blog in a few days so what could I write about with all of this free time to just relax.  Well I didn’t just come up with some brilliant thing to write about it was more like “here are some crazy thoughts, see what you can do with them.”  So instead of writing about one specific thing I thought I would share the craziness that is going on in my brain (I sometimes call it “Cray Cray!”)  So here goes:

When I am warm, why are my toes still cold?random2

How can I run 18 miles and feel pretty good but when I do three sets of weighed lunges my thighs burn like nobody’s business and I find it hard to go down stairs for a day or two.

Never eat the jelly beans and easter egg fillers while getting easter baskets ready because if you haven’t eaten a full meal before doing this, you will end up with the shakes and feeling like you just drank a whole pot of coffee.

Will I ever do all the crafts or bake all the things I pinned on Pinterest (probably not but I keep pinning).

Whatever happened to teams wearing the same uniforms down to the same shoes.  (This came from the University of Miami’s basketball team wearing different colored neon shoes.  I mean seriously I know shoes come in all different colors so why neon green or orange!  Whatever happened to black or white and letting how well you play be the thing we remember.)  Maybe I have watched to much March Madness!

The smell of fresh popped popcorn sends my stomach into overload and it begins to growl.  (Happened to me this week at a Client’s home and it was only 10am.)  You’re welcome.  I know you are now smelling it and now all you want is popcorn!

I wear jeans every day.  I don’t like to spend more than $20 on jeans.  Am I cheap?  Probably!

My work depends on seeing Clients.  No Clients, no pay.  Why do some make appointments that they don’t intend to keep or it takes a letter sent to them to almost close their case before they find your time as important as theirs?

A friend posted this on facebook and maybe it is what created these thoughts going through my head: When people are physically injured we’re ok with them taking the time off…but when they have mental issues we see them as weak.

So now I leave you with those thoughts to ponder, come up with ones of your own, or just ignore because you are not sure how you found my blog anyway and I really am cray, cray! random

Have a wonderful Friday evening!

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