Lazy Weekends

relax1As I sit here in my PJ’s relaxing after a long day of not doing much, a little guilt comes over me.  The guilt is from the fact I don’t feel like I did much this weekend.  I only got one training run in on Saturday and it was only a little over 12.6 miles (which gave me the most miles run in one week ever!).  I was hoping to go farther because the weather was beautiful (finally) but my legs were not having it.  If you remember (or read my blog) on Friday evening I did weighed lunges and my thighs hurt so bad after I could barely walk.  Well that did not change much over the weekend.  Saturday while I was running my legs were like, “are we done yet? Are we done yet?” until finally they decided we were done!  Luckily I was close to home.

Then today I did headed off to church all dressed up but in pain, came home and fixed breakfast in some pain and then our Easter dinner/lunch which maybe I will call “linner” or “dunch” (I’ll let you decide) with some pain.  relax

So now I sit, trying to decide whether I over did it or whether I will wake up tomorrow glad that I did those lunges because now I feel so much stronger (I will just avoid doing them again anytime soon).  But I also wonder why I feel guilty for not doing much.  How does one relax without feeling guilty?  Well my reasoning right now is that the next few months are going to be crazy with dance competitions, graduation, recitals, and oh yeah, a trip to OKC for a marathon.   So relax while you can.

relax2I hope everyone else had a wonderful relaxing/lazy weekend.

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