This Happened today!

I am part of a 30 day photo post on facebook and one of my favorite things was the topic of today.  We had to post “this happened today” in our own interpretation but it had to be today.  Here is what I posted:


The best part about it is that you take the time to be present (talked about in a previous post as something I am working on!).  Since I spend a lot of time in my car I am usually rushing from one place to the next but today.  I slowed down.  I took the long way!  I looked around.  I enjoyed the windows down for a change.  It was wonderful.  I also dreamed of having my running clothes on because it would have been perfect but instead I stayed working.  Oh well, hopefully tomorrow.

So what would you take a picture of?  How would you frame what happened to you today?

4 thoughts on “This Happened today!

    • Sorry about the ban from running. 😦 Enjoy the time doing something different because before you know it you will be out there putting in the multiple miles! Thanks for playing along, I can totally visualize it.

Love to hear your thoughts.....

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