We all have them whether we would like to admit it or not.  We have a family!  We also have opportunities to create new families.   Whether we move far away from our original family, find ourselves the last of our original family, or are just simply around the same people all the time due to your children’s activities and create a bond through shared experiences.  This is what has happened to us.

Most of my family members together last year.

Most of my family members together last year.

Over the past 12 years while my daughter has been competing in dance competitions, we have been a part of several different dance families but none as long as this current family.  We travel together, share food together, deal with our children’s crazy moods together, laugh together and here recently cry together (or at least for me).  This current family has been together for about 8 years with some going and new people coming in but the values are all the same.  We want to see our girls/ladies shine, express themselves, learn teamwork, build their confidence and most of all have fun.

Teen/Senior family members after doing an awesome job competing today.

Teen/Senior family members after doing an awesome job competing today.

Well today was one of those moments that I began to realize that it is coming to an end.  My daughter is graduating and even though there will be college dance performances to go to, this is it.  We have one regional competition left and one national competition left this summer.  The thought that kept going through my head all day as I went in and out of tearful moments was, “It felt like it just started and then it was over.”  Did I cherish each moment?  Did I take a moment to breathe and enjoy?  For the most part the answer is “yes”.  But you better believe I will be trying to do more of that over the next few months.

Then what?  A new “running family”?  I’m not sure.  All I know is that this idea of family and the people who have been part of our lives up to this point have made an impression on me.  I’ve grown by knowing each one and have enjoyed creating a new family through this shared experience.

How about your family connections?  Do they play a big role in your daily life? 


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