Thoughts on a run

runRunning is truly a mental game!  Here are some of the random thoughts that went through my head on my last long run today.

“Yeah for last double digit run before the marathon.

Am I fast or slow, oh, I am slow

(looking down) are my legs in molasses?  They feel like it.

I must be running uphill all the way!

Yeah mile 1, oops that was only the ½ mile marker, wow this could be a really long run!

Wow this rail trail is full of bikes.  Why do they have to get so close to me.  I don’t have to run in the grass just because they are bigger.  Share the trail!

Yeah another runner! Bye other runner!

So glad they remind people to pick up after their pets.  Wow there are quite a few people who don’t pick up after their pet!

If people are supposed to pick up after their dog, why aren’t horse riders responsible for their horses.  There seem to be droppings everywhere

Yeah halfway!

Yippee.  Time to relax into the music after I made it through the tough miles (the first 6!)

Where did all these people come from?

Wonder if I can catch that runner?!

(singing to myself with the music)…(don’t know the words just making them up and then finally getting to the words)… I workout! (sung in the most confident way possible)

Mile 10, I love you.  Almost done.

1.5 miles left to go… time to push the pace.

I can totally catch that runner!  Look out, here I come.

Hi runner…bye runner!

Last little bit push it all you can, you will feel better about it!

Yeah!!  Done!

12 miles complete now where is my car!”run1

Do you ever have these crazy thoughts?  Or am I all alone!  (There were more, like STOP but I left those out.)