I wander and wonder…

For months, I have had a focus.  I would come home from work and run/train.  Now I find myself wandering around still in the recovery mode and I wonder, “What is next?”  And sometimes it’s just a big “Now what?”  I still have a small pain in my hip which started after the marathon so I wonder what to do.  I take it easy but that makes me more restless.  So I run and that actually doesn’t create new pain but I can still feel it when I’m done.  So I wonder, “Should I continue to run?”  I guess what I am really doing is just looking for direction. wander

I feel like we all go through this.  We work really hard for an accomplishment and then when we complete it or reach our goal and then we find ourselves wandering (I was gonna say stuck but that’s not really it, so I wander).  For me, I am trying to figure out how to get out of it.  I am still running, just shorter runs (today was 4.81 miles), working some more on my core (with the help of my daughter who is torturing me!), and beginning to dream of my next run/race or my next goal (do I change directions and do something new, Nah, this is still fun!)

Have you ever found yourself in this mood, just wandering and wondering?  What helped you move past it?  It might just be the marathon blues so I guess the way to cure that is sign up for another one!