I signed up!

Well that is how it always starts right.  We sign up for something.  We decide that we are going to do something that either we have never done before, want to do again or just want a change.  Well I made the commitment last night to run another half marathon, the Iron Horse Half-marathon.  Sounds like fun right.  But I made that commitment to do it in three weeks.  My thoughts went something like this, “why the heck not, you just ran a marathon a few weeks ago why not just do it and this one is closer to home.”  13.1

How often do you put yourself out on a limb?  Try something new or just try it again?!  Why or why not?  I’m doing it to get me out of the funk that was created from the completion of the marathon.  I have one main goal during this half marathon which is to complete it under 1:58:59 because that is my PR and I feel like my running has prepared me for that but I would never know that without actually putting myself out there.  That is what we are really doing, isn’t it.  We are putting ourselves out there, taking a chance at failure but with that a chance for success.  My hope is that we can all find something to put ourselves out there for on a daily basis because without that we never grow.  We never change.  We never reach a personal best or a new success.

Your challenge for the week is to try something new, reach beyond yourself and find something new to try.

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