I’m back…. Juneathon 6/11 and a little extra..

running4I finally got a good run in tonight.  It has only been since last thursday when I actually ran.  It is amazing how time flies!  Anyway I am proud to report to my Juneathon friends I did more than walk on the beach, across a college campus or walk through a quaint New England town shopping.  My official 6/11 Juneathon reads like this: 3.5 miles run, 60 crunches (ouch!!! and gonna feel it tomorrow), and lots of stretching!

Now for the little extra… 

I was recently contacted to provide insight into how exercise helps keep us healthy mentally.  I thought  I would share what I wrote.  So here goes:healthy

Exercise is a wonderful way to stay mentally healthy.  It has been proven that exercise can reduce stress, improve sleep and even boost self-esteem.  I encourage my clients to make it part of their daily lives for these reasons as well as the health benefits of increasing your energy level, lowering blood pressure, strengthening your heart, and the added bonus of looking and feeling better.

The endorphins produced by your body with just the simple exercise of walking can reduce pain and provide a “euphoric” feeling which will give you more energy and better outlook, not to mention some more creative ideas which will be helpful for writers!  Getting out and enjoying some moments of fresh air and sunshine can put you in a much different frame of mind.  I know when I get outside and take a deep breath after being inside all day, I become another person.

I utilize exercise almost daily to handle my stress, anxiety and depression.  After a long day dealing with others issues and giving insight, I often find myself drained.  When I finally make it home, the last thing I actually want to do is change clothes and go out for a run but that is what I push myself to do.  I know that if I can just put that first foot out the door, than the rest will fall from my shoulders and I can begin to let go.  I get out of my head and reliving other’s issues and I even transport myself away from my issues.  I am able to focus on how my body feels, what is hurting and provide breathe to that area, and then when completed I feel relief.  Sometimes the relief is because the run is over while other times relief that the worries are no longer there.

Some of my clients have experienced the same experiences.  They are not all runners.  In fact, I am not sure any of them are runners.  But they have taken the time to begin to implement some sort of exercise into their daily lives.  One has gone back to the gym on a daily basis to take classes and walk on the treadmill.  She no longer needs depression meds and is in fact, no longer in therapy due to her ability to work through problems by utilizing coping skills such as changing her thoughts which is helped by exercising.  Another client has now returned to the gym to combat his anxiety.  Even though he still takes meds to help he is reporting less anxiety and better self-esteem.

I highly recommend any form of exercise to all my clients.  Just getting outside and taking a walk for a few moments can make a world of difference.healthy1


3 thoughts on “I’m back…. Juneathon 6/11 and a little extra..

  1. I so agree with you. Before I became a runner I walked everyday. Even my children as pre-teens recognised that it made their Mum a much happier and more positive person when she got out and exercised. I so admire what you do as a Therapist.

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