Catching up: (Juneathon 6/14, 6/15 &6/16)

I am beginning to think “what was I thinking, signing up for Juneathon because I am so unreliable in my blogging right now.”  Then I think, “well at least Juneathon is doing it’s job making me think about getting some sort of exercise in everyday” (it’s the writing about it that I am slacking at!). 

So here goes:

6/14: Fabulous Friday!!

I ran a 10K and didn’t even know it.  You know those times you just go out to do something (for me it is running) and then you just keep going because it is fun.  Then you get home and realize you were doing it pretty fast!  Thanks Mapmyrun for helping me finally get an accurate distance on some of my runs.  Here is what I did:

Duration Duration Average Pace Calories Burned
6.25 milese 51:59 8:19 617 kCal

See I told you it felt good!

6/15: Graduation Party day!!!!

Spent a lot of time setting up and then for fun we rented one of these:photo (3)

so I spent about 20 minutes bouncing around in it.  Let me tell you, it is some exercise!!!

6/16: Cleaning up after Graduation Party day!

I couldn’t just clean up because we still had the bounce house for another day so my daughter and I spent another 20-30 minutes in it bouncing.


We had a great time as a family and went for a 1 mile evening walking after overeating Thai food which was followed up by ice cream from a local ice cream stand.

All in all it was a pretty successful exercising weekend and thanks Juneathon for making me aware that I need to do some amount of exercise on a daily basis!!!


Love to hear your thoughts.....

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