Just a few days left… (Juneathon 6/28)

So there are just a few days left of the insanity they call Juneathon.  I’m having mixed feelings about it, believe it or not!  I am ready to not be so worried about making sure I exercise each day but I’m also concerned that I will begin to slack and not exercise each day.  So for that I am announcing Julyathon (no not really, don’t think I can handle that!).

Today was a rest day/physical at the doctor’s office day.  Oh so much fun!  The yearly physical.  The good news is that I have incredible vision!  I already knew that but for 41 apparently I am an anomaly.  Well I will take that!  The bad news is that right now I seem to have developed bursitis in my left hip.  It’s not bad and I’ve been given some exercises to help out with a recommendation for physical therapy if it gets worse.  I think my favorite part was hearing the doctor tell me to decrease my mileage instead of doing 5 miles they said I could do 4 miles (well we will see about that! It doesn’t hurt when I run, just after).  I kind of laughed and said I would try (knowing that I could either use this as an excuse to not exercise and take a break or what I am wanting to do which is stretch more and strengthen my hip).  But if anyone has any good exercises for bursitis I am more than willing to give them a try!

Now I’m off for a weekend at the lake to relax, stretch and get a long, relaxed, flat run in after stretching along the lakeside!  But after the week I have had the running therapist needs to RUN!!!!!!DSC_0396

Have a great weekend!


4 thoughts on “Just a few days left… (Juneathon 6/28)

  1. Enjoy the run! The scenery looks spectacular!
    Watch out for that bursitis on your hip though.
    I think the bursa on your hips sits under the top of the Iliotibial band, which is a common injury zone for runners – from overuse.
    Here’s a stretch I do for my ITB:

    You could also try this video for some exercises:

    They are good for glute and hamstring strength as well.

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