squatsI’m sitting here stressing over why I suck at challenges!  I know right.  Real big general statement over something that I don’t really suck at but am not always good at following through with.  (My brain is in overdrive trying to stress me out for no good reason!) 

Let me bring you up to my distorted thinking speed….. I started the 30 day squat challenge at tribesports.  Thank you John for giving me this challenge even though you didn’t but your completion challenged me (maybe I am a little too competitive!).  Anyway, when we went away for the weekend, I missed a day.  I just thought, “oh hey, it just goes up by 5 so you can make that up right”.  Well I pull up the squat challenge because I am logging them on the page too, and somehow I am off!  I’m off by what looks like a few days.  What?  Didn’t I do them?  Why is the last set I logged not what I actually remember doing?  I must suck at not only challenges but remembering things!  Oh and to top it all off apparently you don’t continue to go up by 5’s at 80 they transition to a big jump of 100.  What?!  Oh yes that’s right I just did 80 yesterday, what the heck I can do 100 today!  No probs!  I got this!  What?????

Thanks for letting me rant!

So somehow this all transitions in to, “I suck at challenges”.  Great thinking pattern, right!  Welcome distorted thinking, I’ve been missing you!

Now I reflect, you ran a marathon that was a challenge (wasn’t the pace I wanted but at the end I completed it!).  You raised a daughter (that has been tougher than the marathon) but I did a pretty good job thus far (not ever really completed).  So no, I don’t suck at challenges.  A better perspective has been achieved!  Thanks for letting me work it out here.

But wait, I still have to figure out the solution to the how to get back on track of the 30 day squat challenge.

  1. I could skip a rest day when it only increases by 5 instead of 20.
  2. I could just do 205 squats tonight before I go to bed, that will put me back on track!  (Won’t be able to move tomorrow but who needs to walk?!)
  3. I could just quit and try again at another time.
  4. I could just start with my 100 tonight and continue on (even though the calendar thing will be off and I will have to figure out how to keep track without it.)  Sounds confusing but it could work.

I guess I will probably do option 4.  And the whole time I will tell myself, you don’t suck, you are going to have quads of steel and challenges are just that, challenges.  They are things that by doing them it pushes you to face your fears, become stronger, go farther and do things you never thought you would do.

I better go get started on my 100 if I actually want to get to bed tonight.  🙂challenges2


6 thoughts on “Challenges!?

  1. I look at challenges as one of those things I might do but won’t likely carry through to the end. I may need to rethink this. I took a peak over at tribes sports and I think I could do some of those 7 day challenges…you know, start small. Maybe – sorta… Way to go on the 205 squats! YOU ARE A BEAST!

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