Visualizing and getting closer to finding it!

visualizationHave you ever tried it?  Visualization!  I teach it to my clients to help them with anxiety and it is even helpful for stress.  Some of them are very resistant while others have so much anxiety and have tried everything else, they are more than willing to try this.

Visualization is basically closing your eyes, taking some deep breathes and imagining yourself somewhere else.  I ask them to utilize their five senses when doing this (hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting, touch).  It is very relaxing too.

Just recently I taught a client this because she was about to go in for a full body scan of her back and in session that was all she could think about.  She was able to identify a place she knew very well (which helps in utilizing all the senses).  It was the beach.  She told me about it as I asked her questions to help her go deeper into the visualization.  She was excited to try it at her appointment but still a little apprehensive. I met with her this week and she was so excited to tell about how well it worked.  She didn’t “freak out” and the test went by so quickly.  She even told me that she felt like she was there and heard seagulls in the background while the machine was scanning her (here’s hoping we don’t have to work on hallucinations and delusions now too!).  visualize2

So what made me think about this tonight?  Well we had a guest speaker in the grad school class that I am helping to teach and at the end of class she led us through a guided imagery (a group form of visualization and a little more directive).  I found myself crying, being overwhelmed and yet calmed by the experience.  I needed it and it came at the right time for me.  It helped me to get some of my focus back and gave me a clue as to where I might need to go to look for my spirit!

If you are looking and cannot find your spirit, give visualization a try.  Or if you are feeling overwhelmed, anxious, or stressed, try it.  I promise it won’t hurt, well unless you visualize yourself on the beach laying out without sunscreen.  Those virtual sunburns are the worst!  🙂


6 thoughts on “Visualizing and getting closer to finding it!

  1. I credit my successes to visualization. From graduating to crossing the finish line. I need to see me do it so I can believe it. Once I believe it, I can do it. Chicken and the egg thing…but in my brain it makes sense 🙂

  2. I have done some breathing exercises with my therapist and I believe we have even explored visualization. I tend to forget to engage all the senses. I will have to be more mindful of that. I do find it relaxing. It has helped me through some tough moments. Thanks for sharing this.

  3. I try to visualize myself running the course before every race I run, especially the longer ones. It’s a great technique. Now that I’m going through chemo, I’ve been trying to meditate every day to help with the anxiety and get a sense of control. It’s the hardest thing I’ve every done!

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