Coming Back….


Fun easy 4 mile hike but sadly no chocolate at the chocolate pot. Also no one else on the trails.

I think things are finally getting back to normal (I’ve included some pics of my weekend just to show you what my normal is!).  I’m exercising more (10 miles today which is the longest one I’ve run in a while), feeling more confident, and not worrying really at all (that statement alone is abnormal for me).  I feel like I’m coming back to myself.  But how did I get here and what I can learn so this doesn’t happen again or I can nip it in the bud if I start to feel like it is happening again.

I’m not sure.  I think I just let life overwhelm me and instead of taking the reins and the control to make it happen how I wanted/needed.  I’m not sure it was any one thing that I could have stop at any certain point as much as I should have stop my thinking about things.  I’m not sure that makes any sense but I hope it does.

When you give up because your overwhelmed (at least for me), I go on autopilot.  I try not to say those words of “I wonder what will happen next” because I feel like that just opens me up for more but I think this time by just not being present to stop the thoughts, I opened myself up to the “wonder what will happen next” type of attitude.  Then I sat back and waited for it to happen.  (Not very smart of me!)

So now I’m taking back the control/reins.  I’m living one day at a time.  I’m still getting overwhelmed with life events (hey my child is headed off to college in 12 days) but I’m trying to step back for a moment and realize that it is not the end, in fact it is a chance to make the most of today.

As I start off this new week, I’m focusing more on the things I can control and learning to better let go of the things I can’t.  (I’ve heard this works!)  Try it too and let me know how it goes.  We are not perfect in fact the things that make us not perfect are often the best things!


Have to have some pics with us and the view as well as the view of the Connecticut River at the bottom.

Have a wonderful week, I insist!  Take the reins and direct yourself to do something different, new or just be in control of something even if only for a day or a moment.