Looking for Inspiration…

inspirationDo you ever come to your blog and really want to write but not feeling inspired?  I even went for a run this evening without music and try to be inspired for a blog post.  I got nothin’!  Then I went roaming through my blogs I read and all though they were great and I enjoyed reading them, I still got nothin’!  So why write?  Cause I want to!  So now what to write about, well what about inspiration!  That’s inspiring!

When you lack inspiration what do you do to get it?  As you can tell, I tend to go for a run.  Sometimes I read a book or blog.  But then in the moments when I am able to be calm and reflect on my life I seek inspiration in things I have been through, things I have learned and people who mean the most to me.

One of my biggest inspirations was my Grandfather.  I use to spend Saturday mornings at his house baking cinnamon rolls from scratch (if you have ever done this you know it takes a long time).  When we finished, we had at least 10 pie tins of cinnamon rolls, as much as I wanted to, I could never eat that many.  So what did we do with them?  I use to take them to the neighbor’s houses and share our baking talents, funny the neighbors always answered the door for free baked goods!  I can’t remember ever going to a door that was not answered!

As I sit here and think about my Granddad who died over 21 years ago, I am inspired by his generosity and his love for others.  I feel like he is with me every day in my work when I listen to someone and a thought pops up to provide them insight it is like he is there either helping me or just providing me comfort in the thought that I can do this.  I know when I run, he is there.  He is cheering me on and at times even pushing me across that last finish line or last little bit of my training run.

My favorite picture of my inspiration.  Love him!

My favorite picture of my inspiration. Love him!

Although I live over 1500 miles from where I use to bake cinnamon rolls with my Granddad, there is a place nearby that reminds me of him and oddly enough I am there at least once a week (usually on Thursdays).  When I moved up to Massachusetts I was a little homesick and missed my family plus was unsure about this new state.  I found myself driving around a lot.  There was a place close by that was once an active military base that is now mainly public and driving through you can get a sense of what kinds of activities use to take place there.  A large field was once used for staging of military personal before they went off to war is now used as soccer fields.  The officer’s homes are now single family residences.  There is history all over and when I would drive around this place, I felt a sense of peace, of calming.

Then shortly after I moved to Massachusetts, I returned to OKC for my grandmother’s funeral.  When spending time with my dad after the funeral we were going through some of grandmother’s papers we found a poem that my grandfather had written to my grandmother on a piece of tree bark (I know odd right, I’m sure they had paper).  The poem was beautiful but what I remember the most about it was the fact that at the top he had written the date and his location at the time of writing the poem.  He was stationed at the military base in Massachusetts that I now lived near and it was written before he headed off to war.  Things started coming together, the peace, the calm I got, the feeling that my Granddad is always near me especially so far from home.

Now when I drive through this military base on a weekly basis, he is all I can think of.  I am comforted in knowing I am doing something he would be proud of (therapy), I am setting huge goals for myself and achieving in my running, and he is my inspiration.

Thanks for letting me share….(I guess I got inspired!)

What/Who inspires you?

One of my Granddad's favorite bible quotes.  I think it says it all about his life.

One of my Granddad’s favorite bible quotes. I think it says it all about his life.