Making some changes….

changeI’m running more often.  I know that is not something new or changing, okay it is changing because I am trying to do it more often.  But believe it or not, I am making some changes.  I believe we all need to make changes every once in a while.  I think it keeps us on our toes and out of the rut.  I’m speaking from experience because if you have been reading along for a while you know that I have been in a rut but have recently climbed my way out. 

Here are some of the changes I’ve made (I’m telling you in hopes that if you are in a rut they will help you too):change1

  1. Started shutting down my computer and getting away from the TV to read for at least an hour before I go to sleep.  (I know this sounds like info you have heard over and over but it really works.  I sleep better and I love completing a new book, a great sense of accomplishment!)
  2. I am taking my work a little less seriously.  Not working with people but meeting the numbers.  We are supposed to schedule appointments with at least 30 people and meet with 23 as a minimum.  Well I’ve learned, I have no control over cancellations (especially during the summer because oddly enough people don’t want to do therapy in the summer!).  So unfortunately my numbers have declined but I didn’t get into this business to hit numbers, I got into this business to help people. 
  3. Probably one of the most beneficial things has been to run without music.  I know, weird right!  I didn’t think I could do it.  But my ipod has been temperamental for the past two months so I haven’t used it. (so basically this was a forced event but it is good)  I recently completed a 10 mile run and it was awesome.  It was fast for me and I enjoyed it all, I didn’t even miss my music like I thought I would.  I am wondering if I can do my next marathon without music but I will try my next half marathon in October and let you know how it goes.

 Those are the changes I have made, what have you been up to?  Any changes?change2

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