Tri or Tri not!


A cute little sticker that will probably never be on my car!

The other title was going to be “Why I May Never Try a Triathlon!” but it seemed a little long.

As I was biking through the woods today on what I expected to be a well groomed, nice, rail trail but was instead a not so kept up, sometimes riddled with lots of obstacles and ending abruptly when the trail was covered by a swamp, rail trail I had this thought.  The thought was, I will probably never try a triathlon.  I know for some people when they have those thoughts about what they won’t do, it spurns them on to try anyway but I am not sure that will happen here.  If it does I will retract this post and probably volunteer to do something embarrassing and post the evidence here on my blog.  Until that day, let’s explore why I think I will never try a tri!

  1. Let’s start with the swimming part.  I hate to be cold.  So the thought of jumping into a lake (even with a wetsuit on) early in the morning makes me want to stop right there!
  2. Still with the swimming, I don’t usually do it very much.  I know it is great for you but my gym doesn’t have a pool so really the only swimming I do is for the week we are at the lake each summer (fairly certain I would need more than that to do a tri!).
  3. I like biking (leisurely or as a means to get somewhere) but I am not sure I love it enough to do it for hours upon end in order to train for a tri.


    They don’t look like they have any butt for biking either but I am sure they don’t care at this level!

  4. I don’t have the butt for biking.  I’m really not sure it takes a special butt, but I am starting to think it does because my butt bones hurt so bad after our short 14.5 mile bike ride, that just sitting in the car was a painful experience and I have a really nice bike seat!
  5. I am not sure my back likes biking.  I’m sore in places on my back from leaning over the handlebars that I never knew would get sore.
  6. I think the running would be good.  I am confident I could complete the marathon part but in the end, I am not sure I could complete it after swimming and biking. run2

So really to sum it all up, I’m a runner!  Biking and swimming are great activities to add to my running and help me “cross train” but I think I will probably stick to running as my event for entering competitions/races.  However there is still the slight chance in the future where I might just lose my mind and decide to train and complete a tri and in that case everyone will be treated to something embarrassing by me (to be named at a later date if needed)!  🙂


I do the run like they are chasing you all the time! But most of the time they would have caught me!