Wasting Time…

wasting timeWe all know I am a therapist.  I work with clients mainly in the lower income class which I have nothing against and I find very satisfying most of the time.  But you know what drives me crazy and sometimes feels like a waste of time?  It is the ones who expect you to change everything and who do counseling to fulfill a requirement by another agency (which could be court or DCF or any other agency).  It’s not that I don’t think I can’t live up to the expectation; it is that they come in with an unwillingness.  An unwillingness to really change because they don’t think they have a problem.  So we are already behind the 8 ball.  They are motivated by fear, requirement, or just obligation.  I begin to wonder, what do you do with them?  Do you convince them that you can really help?  Do you do the minimum and just fulfill the obligation (which I really have a problem with because I give 100% all the time)?

Well I’m faced with all this right now so I am trying to figure it out.  I believe that everyone can benefit from counseling if you are ready and Time For Changemotivated.  I cannot and will not solve your problems but with the right perspective and insight YOU can solve your problems and then face your life with confidence that YOU can do this!  So I challenge my clients, I give them homework, I help them think of things differently and those who succeed are those who try.  Those who fail are those who want it done for them.  So I guess in the end I need to remember this when confronted with a client I had today.  I need to remember I am not wasting my time.  Because the simple intervention in their life that they opened up and were willing to share and someone listened, may make them willing to make the necessary changes.  Maybe not today or during therapy with me but eventually.  Or at least that is my hope and makes me remember that my time is not being wasted by just listening to someone who is in need of help.

2 thoughts on “Wasting Time…

  1. I so hear what you are saying. I have lots of learners referred to me for adult literacy support from other agencies but many only come because they are made to. They are happy in their own little world and don’t want to or are too lazy to bring about positive change… my goodness, that might take some effort! BUT there are the jewels in amongst it all who value learning and work hard to gain the skills they need. And that’s what keeps me going 🙂

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