It’s the little things and Race recap

(Little longer than normal but I hope you enjoy the read!)

You know that book, “Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff…It’s all Small Stuff.  Simple ways to keep the little things from taking over your life”, well I’m starting to think we need to embrace the small stuff stuffand let it inspire us.  I get what the author is doing here to make us look beyond all the little things in life that often get in our way.  But what if the little things we don’t stop to enjoy really are the big things.  (Did I totally lose you here!) 

Today was a little thing.  I came home from work and I was going to skip the run.  I ran a race yesterday and normally I take the day off after to rest especially when my legs were as achy as they were.  Upon arriving home I checked the mail (it’s the little things, okay just kidding this is not about checking the mail) this is about what was in the mailbox, my new shirt!  (see photo)  It was my training shirt for my marathon in April 2014.  I knew I was getting it I just didn’t realize I was getting it now.  It seems like last year it took quite a few months to get it after ordering and I bought it the day you could sign up for the race so I had no expectation it would be here now.  I took this moment, this little moment, to be inspired.  To change my mind and go out for a run.  Even the run was longer than expected because I listened to the little things my body was telling me.  It told me to “keep going you crazy woman, you have a half-marathon coming up and you need the miles!” (maybe the small stuff is going to be getting a nicer voice in my head, but I doubt it!)

My new training shirt.

My new training shirt.

Anyway as I have talked about in the past we need to cherish moments, we need to take the time to enjoy life.  I’m right now enjoying the moments I get a fun text from my daughter who recently went to college.  I’m enjoying the fact that this small moment of her reaching out to me brightens my day.  I also enjoy a phone call or text from my other half letting me know that he is thinking of me.  A small moment that means so much.

I also enjoyed the small things this morning when I drove past a bus stop and a middle school aged girl, who I do not know, smiled a great smile and waved at me.  It really made my morning!  (I didn’t stop to tell her so though because I thought that would be a little creepy!)  But that small thing changed my grumpy, I had to get to work too early mood that I was in.  See it is the small stuff.  I challenge you this week to take a moment to cherish the small things, the small moments that make up your whole day.

Now for a little running small stuff, okay maybe a little bigger than small.  I PR’d my 10K yesterday!  It was incredible, it felt wonderful and I would have to say it was the most relaxed race I have ever had (my partner even said that too, “You looked so relaxed”).  It was a beautiful day and I got to run a course I knew along an incredible beach view and large houses that go with that view.  I didn’t listen to music, it was just the sound of thousands of feet doing something we love together.  I even meet someone along the way and chatted with him for a little while (then went on to beat him by a few seconds at the end with some incredible kick that came out of nowhere!)

Crazy though I did something I would never have done a few short months ago.  I changed my eating before the race.  I did more hydrating the week before but the biggest thing was changing my pre-race meal.  I know, scary right for those of us that run, you just don’t do that.  But I did, I threw caution to the wind and ate OATMEAL!  Shocking right!  Okay not really but I had never done that before a race.  I thought it would be to heavy but I think it worked out just right.  So guess who is doing this before her half-marathon that’s right, this girl!

Okay enough of that.  Here are some pics of the race:

Prerace - Walking from the beach to the starting line

Prerace – Walking from the beach to the starting line

Starting line, I'm in there somewhere!

Starting line, I’m in there somewhere!

Looking all relaxed.  Just another sunday running with a 1000 of my closest friends.

Looking all relaxed. Just another sunday running with a 1000 of my closest friends.

Then we were all off on the run and it was wait time for all our cheerers!

Then we were all off on the run and it was wait time for all our cheerers!

Finishing up strong.  I make great faces when I push myself at the end.

Finishing up strong. I make great faces when I push myself at the end.

My little pic stitch of the day!

My little pic stitch of the day!

And my final time was 49:35 with a 7:59 per mile pace.  My only disappointment was because the race has become a USA Track and Field race it means it is wicked fast and if I would have done this time last year before this occurred I would have been in the top 10 for my age but now due to the fast field I was 35th out of 157 women in my age division.  But who cares because I PR’d and when I run other races I know I can set a goal and achieve it.  Like my goal of running this race in under 50 mins.  Smashed it!  Just a few small seconds faster this year made my day!  Some small stuff, okay hard work and some small stuff!