prioritiesWhat are yours?  I know mine.  They include stopping work on a Friday early enough to relax and unwind enough to enjoy the weekend.  (This is mainly why I only schedule a few clients on Fridays)  But today I was struck with a new view of priorities or maybe I should say a maturing view of priorities.

Today I picked up my daughter from college so she could come home for the first time since the end of August.  To me it seems like forever since I dropped her off and it is hard to believe it has only been a few weeks (I would say short but they have not been short to me).  We had a wonderful chat on the hour long drive home and I was pleased to hear how her priorities have developed/matured.  We discussed classes and how she hasn’t missed a single one and reports having anxiety over the thought of missing a class (gotta love that she is invested in school) and I attribute it to her priorities.  She is placing value in school and making it a priority.  I’m happy about that!  

But really what pleased me more was to hear about a past priority and how it has rewarded her (have I lost you yet?!).  So here I go trying to explain what I mean.  For the past 19 years I have made my family my priority.  I have made sure my daughter knows that I am fully invested in her and her future.  She knows boundaries because I have shown her or demonstrated for her how to put them into place.  My priority has been creating a wonderful woman to better the world and even at this early stage I can see it has been working.  priorities1

I’m not trying to be pompous or brag about my strengths here but as a parent it is sometimes hard to realize you are doing the right thing.  You think you are but you never see the rewards until now.  My daughter and I talked about the past 3 weeks and how everyone of her friends at school who saw us together talked about our relationship.  They asked her “you must have a great relationship with your mom” and she was able to brag and say “yes”.  When things aren’t going right at school she reaches out, when things are going great at school she reaches out, when she just wants to she reaches out.  One of my best priorities has been her and I am so glad I took the time to make her my priority because quite frankly, “She rocks”.  She is way more confident than I was at her age and I can hardly wait to see what else she will do with her priorities.   

So what are your priorities?  Are you taking time to balance your priorities in this crazy thing called life?  How?

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